Friday, January 29, 2021

I Am Not Going To China.

 No, really. 

Can anyone stop China, please? In a major violation of human rights and the sanctity of one's rectum, Chinese came up with the evil procedure.

Bye, bye China and my possible visit there. Before that, I simply never seriously contemplated visiting China, now I developed a decisive, resolute rejection of such plans because... you know. The terrifying procedure was already performed on unsuspecting passengers of some of Chinese airlines. As you might expect, a hilarious hell broke loose in both Chinese and international comments. Hypothesis like this sounds pretty convincing to me:

No doubt big tech will adopt this policy, too. Only way to get verified in the future will be to send Jack an anal swab.  

I say, why wait, if you know what I mean. We all can start early. My only quarrel with all that is that what is known as a "big tech" is not really "tech". It is a bunch of social networks and other internet "platforms" ran by people with a maturity level of teenagers. Boeing is a "big tech", Intel, GE--that's "tech". But never mind. While at it, you may "enjoy" the other piece of "advice" from Mr. Lukyanov. You may remember this guy from here. Now he came up with a new stratagem. He proposes to:

The best way to repair the Russian/American relationship is for both sides to minimise contacts, and keep out of each other’s way

It is a piece rich in platitudes and feeble attempts to hide his lack of any understanding of the nature of power--a feature of political "scientists"--and America's (geo)political kitchen. The only item I can agree with Lukyanov is in the very end of his piece and it reads like that:

The old US-Russian diplomatic experience has little more than academic value.  

This I can agree to. But for the rest of his pseudo-academic  drivel--I would rather take an anal swab for Covid-19.

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