Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Is Trump Serious?

No, really, all of them lost every reference point in D.C. But to assume that:

‘This is a time for extreme courage,’ Trump tells Mike Pence in plea to ‘veto’ Congress’ Electoral College certification. 

This is not Trump's naivete, this is his sheer stupidity. This is from the guy who appointed John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Barr. Really, why don't Trump try to find people for his Admin somewhere in homeless shelter or in a strip club...oh, wait. What courage is he talking about in reference to a colorless, Israel-first, evangelical fanatic who is known for his "stare of death" during the meeting with Putin, which also testifies to this former lawyer being not very smart and capable to exhibit any sort of courage only when surrounded by Secret Service and for photoop only--first signs of a coward. 

It is so comical, that one has to ask a question--are there courageous people who are not fanatics in D.C. left at all? Probably some, but very few. But in the end, Trump made his own bed by surrounding himself with traitors while himself having no abilities for serious work as a responsible statesman, which always starts with cadres. As Stalin used to say--cadres decide everything. Right, cadres, not clowns, traitors and cowards. Now that things got a little bit "out of control", I am sure we may see some interesting developments within the agonizing so called Republic and remember--most (not all) events must happen in the capital of the country to have a massive political effect. Have enough pop-corn? 

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