Sunday, November 29, 2020

I Got A Hint From Our Friend Mr. WHAT;))

He posted this thing in three other threads, so I created a separate post for this. This is the Military Approved (in reality Military Acceptance)--an immensely popular show for military buffs and intelligence people around the world--about Russia's Armed Forces. TV Zvezda is nothing like ever timid and secretive Служу Советскому Союзу (Serve To Soviet Union) which was, frankly boring and instead of showing off Soviet Union's best achievements in war-fighting capability, was focusing primarily on political organs-sanctioned routine about every-day activities in the armed forces from the point of view of party-political work. It was so limited in scope that we often shouted into the damn TV screen that Soviet Armed Forces had things other than proverbial missile-boats of project 205 and MiG-21 fighters. People didn't see the project 941 Akula (Typhoon in NATO specs) SSBN until Gorbachev visited Northern Fleet in either 1987 or 1988 and the Calendar with this hi-tech monster started to appear in the press retail kiosks. In other words, Soviet Union's military "soft power" sucked. Well, times have changed. 

This is Military Approved insight into the new, primarily troops Air Defense (VKS anti air/missile is also presented), including latest in Buk line, Buk-M3. It is in Russian, but for serious buff the language is not an obstacle, because it shows some things for which, should such level of insight have been disclosed in Soviet times, one could expect a court martial. Not anymore. This whole thing basically explains why no drone or swarms of drones, or missiles, ever penetrated air-defense of Russian bases at Khmeimim and Tartus in Syria. Yes, there were attacks with variants of MLRS--all rockets have been intercepted. It also shows (partially) the level of net-centiricty and flexibility of Russia's air defense which simply... well, has nothing even in the same vicinity in the world. Nothing, zilch, nada. Russia's anti-air and anti-missile defense, both of Russian air space and troops is a fully integrated, many levels of redundancy, unified system capable to repel pretty much anything by creating an immensely hostile kinetic and EW environment for any present and perspective target, from drones to aircraft, to ballistic missiles, in any diapason of velocities and elevations and ECM. Nothing like this exists in the world, not even close. So, here it is, enjoy.

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