Wednesday, November 25, 2020


As it has been observed not for once, European "elites", especially when it comes to defense and foreign relations are not good, like in "they suck". Russians also have a saying: once every century Europeans gather their forces and go to Russia to get the shit beaten out of them.(c) As their American counterparts in the foreign policy establishment, Europeans also prefer degrees in law to be a background for bloviating on geopolitical matters. Germany is especially interesting in this respect since apart from having Heiko Maas as Germany's Foreign Minister, Germans also love women to be in charge of Germany's "defense". Enough to recall Ursula von der Leyen's tenure in charge of defense of Germany, which saw basically an emaciation of already badly mauled Bundeswehr--now Ursula applies her educational background as a children's doctor as a biggest honcho in EU--now a new (relatively) lady with degree in law gets to run Germany's defense. 

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is your typical party worm careerist with zero understanding of global politics (not a strong trait of modern German "elites" as a whole), let alone global military balance. This, however, does not prevent her from being a globalist shill  and she demonstrated it yesterday when made statements such as reported by TASS:

"Мы должны усилить нашу позицию, - заявила министр, призвав вести переговоры с Россией по таким вопросам, как разоружение, "с позиции силы". Эта всегда была хорошая позиция германской внешней политики, и так должно остаться в будущем."

Translation: We must reinforce our position--said Minister--calling on conducting negotiations with Russia on such issues as disarmament "from the position of strength". It was always a good position of German politics and it should remain such into the future. 

It might be pure coincidence but Annegret's father, as her bio states, was a special education teacher. Just saying, but one cannot shake the impression off that much of current German "elite" are people who came out of the special education (or alternatively gifted) programs. I am not being facetious--they are that stupid and unaware. They also have a very short memory. Last time Germany, with the help of the rest of Europe, tried to speak to Russia "from the position of strength" we all know how it all ended. Germany is a military midget compared to Russia, and Russia is also not impressed with the US posturing, which is implied in Kramp-Karrenbauer's statements, because in case of Russia being attacked by the US, first things after Washington which will go up in flames will be a number of strategic locations in Germany. Germany alone is no threat to Russia and, generally, Annegret doesn't have any instruments to even grasp complexities of the "position of strength". Yet, in the midst of this delirium and chest thumping, one factor can not be ignored. Here it is:

PARIS/BERLIN (Reuters) - The German defence minister's warning against the "illusions" of pursuing European defence autonomy rattled French President Emmanuel Macron so much that her comments became a topic of discussion at a cabinet meeting this month in Paris. "We found it regrettable, but we noted it was only an isolated position and not (Chancellor Angela) Merkel's line," an official present in the room at the Elysee palace told Reuters, putting a brave face on the divergence of views.   

I have some news for Germany's Defense Minister who, if she studied "law and politics", should know that, as I stated few days ago:

No, really, ha-ha, Macron doesn't seek "leadership", what he seeks is an age old arrangement in case Germans really get all pissed off with continuous national suicide and France, as usual, will be in the way, this is when Russia comes in.

It is not a secret. In fact, it is a European truism that France's security has a very strong Russian "flavor." Recall with what pomp Maurice Paleologue was received in St.Petersburg (shortly to be renamed Petrograd) on the eve of WW I. And this teeny-weeny historic fact, as well as Stalin making sure that France is included into the cohort of WW II Victors should give some hint to how deep down France looks at Germany, even despite all those strides made in a direction of European "unity" since the end of the WW II, as a potential threat. After all, France is a nuclear power. But here is a question to ponder--what if German, at some point of time, decide to become one too? Of course, they lost a lot of expertise and being the America' door mat I am not seeing it happening any time soon. But, as practice of international relations has shown, the pseudo-intellectual crap of the "End of History" was just that, an ejaculate of a prolonged "intellectual" masturbation, which resulted in a corruption of a realist (as much as it is possible today in the increasingly totalitarian West) view of the world. 

World is still run by nation-states and passions of the past cannot be ignored, history tends to vow itself into the national DNA and nothing could be done about it, no matter how "scientific" next big ideology tries to present itself. They all are crap. Passions will erupt because contradictions will accumulate--it is inevitable. And since Russia owes nothing to anyone, my calls for erection of the Iron Curtain between Europe and Russia will continue. Judging by nervous (to put it mildly) Paris' reaction to a geopolitical stupidity of Germany's Defense Minister one can clearly see those teeny-weeny cracks which begin to appear in the European "unity" because Europe is too small to be accommodating for several regional super-powers. Even slaves often had some scores to settle. For Russia both France and Germany are local powers and markets, especially Germany. But if Germany will continue to produce people of such intellectual ability as Maas or Kramp-Karrenbauer, there will be no talks at all, from any position, strength or otherwise for Germany. Russia and China may have different views on the world, but China desperately needs Russia's energy and she will gladly take whatever will be freed from European consumption. The infrastructure for that is being built as I type this. 

Now in terms of position of strength, Russia can do this not only to Germany but to the combined West, not least because of things like that. Judging by the intense test launches, technologies like that are fully operational and either are deployed or are about to. This is few days ago.

Russia can talk from the position of strength to Germany, especially being now totally independent in terms of ships' propulsion (MTU, bye, bye), the opposite is not only not true it is impossible in principle. The sooner Germany's Defense Minister learns this simple fact of life, the better it will be for Germany, and Europe as a whole. But then again, she is a party functionary with "politics" degree, I am not even sure she can comprehend what she sees in these videos, unless it is explained to her. They don't teach material science and sensor fusion at those departments. And it shows. Iron Curtain between Russia and EU is needed.

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