Friday, December 21, 2018

Why Do "They" Love Him?

Quotation marks are intentional, "They", being citizens of Russia, who could see an adorable child of 17, blind, interviewing one of the, if not the most powerful man on Earth who comes across completely human--one cannot fake this, and this hand kiss. Staged? Only in a sense of young Regina Parpieva who got to President of Russia the same way as many terminally ill kids get through "Dream With Me" program, with wishes which are hung on the Christmas tree. It is as "staged" as Putin almost breaking down seeing a terminally ill kid asking to shake his hand or giving a ride to other ill children on the presidential helicopter over St. Petersburg. Sure, anything can always be construed as "staged", but most know real feeling from put on, and this is not a put on or show off. Poor adorable child went through hell, including transplantation of bone marrow and it was stem cell treatment which allowed a terminal decease to go into remission. She is a miracle (in Russian).

Here is a short version, in English:

Here is a full version in Russian. They talk even about Rap and Heavy Metal.

I wonder, if anyone recalls Frank Herbert's Dune? I'll leave you wondering what I am talking about;-)

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