Monday, December 3, 2018

I Don't Know How to "Analyze This".


I have news for Mr. Trump--Russia is not in the "arms race", she is doing her absolutely own thing and is not intent on bankrupting herself maintaining 11 CVNs, a truck load of very expensive expeditionary forces and using them to meddle (that is unleashing wars) in affairs of countries which are NOT a threat to national security. I have to go with RT's reasonable proposition:
Yet, there is a critic in the White House, who apparently thinks little of these accomplishments, which the Trump administration showcases at every opportunity. His name is Donald Trump.
And if Fred Reed was first to point out that Trump is a first transgender POTUS, I may go further and state that Donald J. Trump is a first Schrodinger President, exhibiting wave-particle duality and capable to exist simultaneously in several states. This is where my descriptive and analytical, however feeble, abilities abandon me completely and I am forced to look at all that in a complete bemusement.  I never was capable to be proud and abhor the same thing simultaneously, even after I dedicated a lot of time to reading Michio Kaku, Brian Greene and other wonderful quantum physicists.  But jokes aside, Colonel Lang gave a grim assessment of this whole FUBAR:
I have to agree. In the end, one cannot have the cake and eat it--in the world of the large quantum mechanics laws do not apply.    

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