Thursday, December 13, 2018

Enclosed Technological Cycle.

I write about them all the time. Why is the US a superpower in aerospace? Obvious--US can produce aircraft from literally a scratch. US can produce all required materials, all required parts, fuselage, avionics, engines, APU... Ah, yes, APUs--those proverbial Auxiliary Power Units which no modern aircraft can exist without today. Those units do it all while aircraft engines are silent--they keep engines warm, they run all on-board systems, from air conditioners to lights, in the end--they start main engines. APU is an extremely important, crucial aircraft system. Well, here is the news (in Russian), Russians certified own APU TA18-100 by EASA. EASA is European Aviation Safety Agency which issues certificates of type of aviation systems and grants permission to operate both aircraft and systems in EU. 

This seemingly not important fact is actually huge because it clears road to Russian commercial aircraft such as MC-21 and SSJ-100 to a complete Russification. Yes, yes--that means removing many American parts and substituting them with Russian-made, thus opening the market not only for Europe, but to...Iran and whomever else the US will put under sanctions. And this is not all, apart from certification of excellent PD-14 which has ZERO foreign components. In related news, in Samara at Aviaagregat (in Russian) they already manufacturing all required pipes for SSJ-100s. Now wait what KRET will come up with in terms of avionics and voila', 90+% Russian-made MC-21 and SSJ-100s are ready to be delivered to anyone, US sanctions or no sanctions. Didn't I tell you (and not me alone) that sanctions are good for Russia? And here I have to recall recent talk by some of Russia's media figures who almost ranted (fully justifiably) about sanctions. I will add here my take too: in the beginning of sanctions and spreading of the myth of Russian "economy left in tatters", I recall many economic "experts" from all kinds of BS organizations and rags, such as WSJ, making smart faces on TV telling that Russia depends on Western extraction technology, aircraft technology, some other technology. I have one question for them: morons, do you understand that the country which builds Borey-class SSBNs or flies into space will have no fvcking difficulty creating some drilling pump or materials for drills or any other equipment. The only thing Russia needed was time. Here are the results. 

Will Russian commercial aircraft be competitive on the international markets? Hell, yes, especially secondary markets such as Iran, Iraq, many African nations, Indonesia etc. Well, look for yourself what US sanctions here. All hi tech, especially many in aviation related fields (not only, of course). So, we may yet witness some amazing moves at commercial aircraft market and there will be a lot of sabotage, blackmailing and arms twisting, such as with Indonesia who wanted to buy SU-35s. Nothing personal--just business.     

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