Friday, December 21, 2018

41 US Senators Declare War On Russia.

And why not. I really like it when people with degree in accounting, such as US Senator Ron Johnson, are calling on fighting the fight which they expect to observe on TV, far away from the theater of operations. 
If you are interested, you may read the whole thing here. My question is: how do esteemed senators envision this "operation"? No, really. I am fascinated with this whole idea, not to mention utter incompetence, if not outright imbecility, of these "people's servants", who obviously came up with this idiocy out of both stupidity and desire to earn points by pretending to be tough on Russia, of course, granted that someone else will do the dying, not precious them poor dears. I have a better proposition--why not deploy all 41 of signatories of this hysterical "resolution" on board the ships which will take part in such an "operation" in Russia's vicinity and territorial waters and see how resolute those senators will become once missiles start flying. Not gonna happen, of course, but still good to think about it.  

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