Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This Is Rather Interesting.

A trials of a new modification of a venerable Tor, Tor-M2MKM,  air defense system by means of placing a ground based system...on board of Admiral Grigorovich. Ship's speed: 7 knots, sea state 1-2. Two targets: one "aircraft" at 1000 meters, another sea-skimmer with Harpoon's properties. You can see this rather interesting operation here:

The navalized version of Tor is Kinzhal (a dagger), so, as media sources state, this whole thing with "navalization" is means to an end of a complete cross-service unification of such air defense systems. I can only speculate how this could be done but I don't want to. Make your own conclusions. It is a very effective short-range (12 kilometers) system which handles over-the-surface targets quite well. Upgrading Kinzhal on project 1155 (Udaloy-class) Large ASW Ships also seems only natural. Plus there are some other, smaller, ships coming which may use this rather robust air defense capability. 


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