Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day, A Fine... Russian Tradition;-)

I am not a church-going man but I surely could appreciate Russian Orthodox Church adding St.Patrick to the list of Russia's Saints, which seems only natural, since Russians celebrated St. Patrick's Day anyway--who would miss such an excuse for a good bloody pint. Now it is official. Moreover, because of the difference in Julian and Gregorian calendars, Russians will celebrate a glorious day.... twice. The same as Christmas. I personally find it pretty cool to celebrate Christmas twice (no presents on the second celebration, hell no!) and so goes to Saint Paddy

The Guinness (and know--things) will flow, the cabbage will be in place (after all, Russians are cabbage people too), corned beef is possible--I am sure Irish and Russians are somehow related. So, it will be fun. To everyone, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day in Moscow. Photo courtesy RT.
Ah, time for a good cigar and a shot or.... five of good bourbon, ahem, I mean whiskey;-) 

UPDATE: yes, looks like Russians and Irish do share some things;-)

 Girls from Russia (Amur district--oblast) dancing Russian dances.


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