Saturday, February 14, 2015


Didn't US know what it was getting itself into with Ukrainian "democracy" Maidan? Did anyone tell Senator Inhofe that US main stream media has become long ago a Minitrue and a collection of both human and "information" trash? I guess knowledge about Ukrainian "sources" wouldn't hurt either but what do I know? Obviously virtues of OODA loop are not appreciated in a delusional Beltway.  As Bugs Bunny used to say: "What a maroons!"  Meanwhile Russian regular troops attack Ukraine with the help of the First Martian Corps, and use against VSU liquid vacuum and zero-point energy weapons. I am pretty sure the photographs of that will appear in US Senate very soon. 

 The 'exclusive' photos of 'Russian invasion in Ukraine' in 2014 turned out to be easily found in the Web, with at least one of them dating back to 2008. Now, US senator James Inhofe is furious with the Ukrainian delegation for setting him up with the 'evidence'.

Questions have been raised about the veracity of reports that claim Russian troops have invaded Ukraine after US Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe confessed that several photos of Russian convoys he obtained from a Ukrainian parliamentary group were taken during the 2008 Georgia conflict, the Washington Free Beacon said.

On Tuesday, the Washington Free Beacon ran a story that unveiled "exclusive" photos of victims of militia bombs and Russian armed vehicles seemingly rolling into Ukraine.

The photos were provided to Inhofe's office in print by an obscure Ukrainian delegation, led by a Georgetown professor, who said the images were taken at the height of Russia's alleged military incursion between August 24 and September 5, 2014.

Inhofe's spokeswoman Donelle Harder was cited as saying they had checked back with their sources - none of them high-level Ukrainian officials - before releasing the photos. She said they had been quite confident about their authenticity since the imagery allegedly matched reports about the Ukraine conflict.

But speaking to The Mirror on Thursday, Sen. Inhofe confessed he was "furious" to learn that at least one of the photos was taken by Associated Press during Russia's military operation in Georgia back in 2008. Several other images are readily available elsewhere online and can be found using a Google Images search.

Among the Ukrainian delegation was Semen Semenchenko, the commander of the "Donbas" volunteer battalion and a newly elected member of the Verkhovna Rada. Earlier, he was known as Konstantin Grishin and was reportedly suspected of fraud in Crimea. 

I, meanwhile, would suggest Inhofe to continue his contacts with Ukrainian sources, high and low, it will not hurt his career in any way.


  1. They always lied whether about Soviet Union or Russia now. Understandably propaganda is propaganda, but when Soviet é Russian propaganda is based upon reality, Western propaganda seems to me like pure lies or silencing of the truth at the very least.
    The way they rewrote WWII history even mentioning Italy and Northern America in same breadth or even more so than Soviet operations of WWII speaks volume. I have been in library today... Hundred books about Western participation in WWII and nothing about Soviet side.

  2. I am contemplating the post on Ardennes and how the real heroes of the North Shoulder (where Dietrich's 6th Panzer Army attacked), namely 2nd, 99th Divisions and other units of Hodges' First Army were virtually forgotten in favor of all this Rah-rah of Patton and Bastogne. If Hodges' First Army didn't hold, it would have been a strategic disaster for the Western Front. But you see, those guys died unglamorously, dirty and silent--this is not the way media like it.

  3. I am looking forward to read it. I am aware a bit of that operation. We call it Ardennes they call it battle of the Bulge. You gotta right a book. I like your style :)
    BTW, what do you think, why they wrote in When Titans clashed that Soviet military losses were some 29 million. It is definitely not true. I was checking everywhere and numbers for military losses are some 8-9 million and 12-14 million civilian causalities. You know, when you read how many were killed by evil Commies, Stalin, Hitler, there must be no one left.