Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Lavrov: We May End It.

Sergei Lavrov is a man of no gimmicks--if he says something, that means he means it. By definition it also means Kremlin means it. So, today, he says it as it is at Valdai Conference:

Translation:  Those people in the West who are responsible for foreign policy and do not understand the necessity of mutually respectable conversation--well, we must simply stop for a while communicate with them. Especially since Ursula von der Leyen states that geopolitical partnership with current Russia's leadership is impossible. If this is the way they want it, so be it. 

It is my long standing contention that any professional discussion between Lavrov and former gynecologist such as von der Leyen, including Germany's Foreign Minister Maas, who is a lawyer and a party worm of German politics is a waste of time. Western "elites" and "intellectuals" are simply on a different, much lower level, than said Lavrov. You do not negotiate with monkeys, you treat them nicely, you make sure that they are not abused, but you don't negotiate with them, same as you don't negotiate with toddlers. They want to have their Navalny as their toy--let them. I call on Russia to start wrapping economic activity up with EU for a long time. They buy Russia's hydrocarbons and hi-tech, fine. Other than that, any other activity should be dramatically reduced and necessity of the Iron Curtain must not be doubted anymore. 

I reiterate, there is nothing in common culturally between modern Russia and the West and the gap is growing. Europe is being primed for cultural and demographic suicide, not to speak of institutionalizing degeneracy both in art and in real life,  plus the US needs to eat someone to extend its agony for a little bit longer. It is totally logical and if I need to see Renaissance art, Hermitage gives Louvre a run for its money. EU is a cemetery and one doesn't do business with cemetery other than burying. Lavrov's statement today is important in that it shows that Kremlin wrote current EU off. As I state for years, observing events in EU, when I have the time, I totally expect a stream of refugees from Europe to Russia soon, because many still sane Westerners will be faced with a terrifying choice: either adapt to living in Orwellian reality including a fairly fast (in historic term) transition to a third world economies and standard of living, or making decision to regain personal liberty and common sense, and economic stability and opportunity in Russia and those East European nations which will maintain strong economic ties with Russia. 

Boy, come to think about, writing this now--how did the times change. Who would have thought that for many even today Russia becomes a shining city on the hill. Don't believe me? Go to comments to any Voice of Europe videos, among many--scores of Germans, Belgians and even English people leave comments there that they seriously consider moving. Some decry their inability to do so immediately. We don't know real numbers of Westerners who are already in Russia on permanent bases, I know that there is a vibrant American community in Russia, how large? I don't know but American expats moving or living in Russia resource is updated regularly. I would love to stay in the US, but the way thing are going not just politically (unlike EU we have guns and we may yet reclaim some of our freedoms) but economically--401K, Social Security, don't bet on it--it is all going down the drain as I type it, but we'll see. After some time in Russia, I still begin to miss ocean and Cascades of Washington, Idaho or Montana, I also miss Oregon's coast. As for Germans. Many Germans already are in Russia, especially from East Germany. I know scores of Russian Germans are moving back. We are just at the beginning of a process which may take decades and as I pointed out on very many occasions, Putin's talk at Valdai in 2017 WAS about Russia effectively getting ready to become the Arc for whatever will be left of White Christendom in Europe, the rest, can go to hell--they earned it. EU has no subjectivity and as such is not agreement-capable. This is exactly what Lavrov said: " We should stop to orient ourselves toward European partners and care about their assessments."  Exactly, the time has come.

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