Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pepe Escobar Wrote An Excellent Piece.

You can read it in full at Saker's Blog, Zerohedge or some few other media outlets, including Asia Times. Pepe refers to me, for which I am very thankful to him, when describing the the general state of the affairs today, and I quote him:

Generally, Pepe and I we arrive to the same conclusion, as Pepe puts it:

As much as Washington is not “agreement-capable”, in the words of President Putin, so is the EU, says Lavrov: “We should stop to orient ourselves toward European partners and care about their assessments.” Not only Russia knows it: the overwhelming majority of the Global South also knows it.

A new Iron Curtain is not only possible it is inevitable now between EU/NATO and Russia. In fact, it is necessary for survival of Russia and Eurasia as a whole. Kremlin understands this completely as it is evident from today's (yesterday's) address of Putin to Valdai Conference and in a noticeable change of tone of Moscow, starting from Lavrov and now big boss himself. As Putin said today: 

Translation: Making our country stronger, while looking at what is happening in the world, in other countries, I want to tell those who are still waiting for slow extinguishing of Russia: our concern in this case is only one--how not to get cold at your funeral.  

Kind of speaks volumes, doesn't it? Yes, a joke, but only so far. Remarkably, conflict in Karabah is a superb demonstration of Russia's intentions and how many still fail to understand that silly games are over. Russia knows where the relations with EU are leading to and the only political forces Russia will be looking to cooperate with in Europe will be genuinely conservative ones. Most of EU establishment and vast majority of European countries' political top is globalist and Russophobic in the extreme. Well, too bad. Putin also reiterated his old point that, sure, Russia will consider including hypersonic weapon systems into discussion on START, but Putin made explicit remarks that, indeed, negotiate anything with the US in good faith is useless. As he said--we do not desperately grasp this expiring START treaty, if it expires, so be it. Very nonchalant. 

As one commenter at Zero Hedge (probably German himself) noted:

That may be true, after all, the best relations in the Warsaw Pact were namely between East Germans and Russians. There is a huge history between Russians and East Germans in terms of truly allied and extremely friendly relations. This explains why, as an example, French do not view Russians as European people, while modern Germans do. I guess one can figure out that the slight majority of Germans thinking that Russians are Europeans is provided by those East Germans. But, sadly for Germans, it doesn't matter for Russians anymore. As I stated not for once, throughout my almost 60 years of life never did I encounter so much contempt for the West and lack of any desire to integrate with it on part of overwhelming majority of Russians than it is the case for the last 10 years. Modern West and Russia have very little in common culturally and, as I state ad nauseam, the gap will only grow. Basically, Vladimir Putin confirmed these points today at Valdai. But the main question is extremely simple: to negotiate WHAT, with WHO? There is nobody in the West who qualifies for a status of statesman (or stateswoman)--mostly mindless globalist morons with no real influence on the events in their countries, let alone world. I agree with Pepe, Global South knows and waits when it will get its chance which will come only with the dissolution of the present world (dis)order which outlived its usefulness by about 30 years.        

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