Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Happy Birthday, Comrade President.

And what can be a better present to a Supreme Commander (Vladimir Putin celebrates his b-day today) than sinking a floating target 450+ kilometers away by newest M=8 3M22 Zircon anti-shipping (or anything anti) missile. Now we can see it for the first time being launched by Admiral Gorshkov

As you can see the missile starts similar to venerable P-800 Oniks, orients itself at the initial flight-path, then proceeds, probably M=4-5, to an elevation of 28 kilometers and then accelerates to M=8+ towards target. In other words, good luck detecting and intercepting even single 3M22, the salvo of 4--laughable. Valery Gerasimov was only happy to wish President Putin all the best (in Russian) and it will be still a long time before we will learn actual parameters of this weapon. I can guarantee that they will be even more mind-boggling. Here is a video. 

I think it will be fairly soon (I don't know--a year +) that we will be given a more detailed look at Zircon. But note this--the warfare as you know it is over. Revolution in military affair about which many spoke so much has finally happened. People from Russia who saw many Soviet 1917 October Revolution movies will understand why this phrase is funny.   

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