Friday, February 21, 2020

There Is Still Humanity Out There.

I couldn't miss this. Each morning on my way to work I drive over the bridge from which a 9th grade girl threw herself to the death 60 feet down because she couldn't take humiliation and bullying by some "man", her class-mate, who was upset with this girl not putting out. I wish I was there with this kiddo to hug her and not let go the moment she decided to end it all. I would then beat the smug a-hole (minor as he is) into bloody pulp and would make him crawl and eat dirt at the feet of this girl. Now this: 
The only feeling you have the moment you see this is of helplessness from inability to hug the kid over distance of many thousand of miles. But this time, his mom was absolutely right to post this on FB (a rare occasion when it was useful) and the world exploded--just read it here. Read also comments from YouTube video. I hope it is not a scam--yes, sadly this happens too--because reaction of people around the globe was overwhelming. And that gives hope, people on different continents have this normal instinct to protect a child and defend weak--this is what defines humanity. This is also what gives hope. I hate bullying, I always hated it precisely because I never was bullied but I saw others subjected to it. And on number of occasions I fought for those kids. I hope this particular story is true, because now with half-the-world behind him, this kid has a future. Maybe it does take a village. 

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