Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I Will Never Fly SAS! Period!

When a Russian, like me, gets mad as hell for eradication of Scandinavians, who are not really friends of Russia, never were, I would say--take a note. A Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) just released an ad which is a concentrated pathetic declaration of a surrender and treason to North European culture. Judge for yourself:
So, there is nothing worth saving in Scandinavia, Eh? Deranged Swedish Social Democrat Mona Sahlin once uttered in 2002 speaking to Turkish youth organization:
It is now an official policy of SAS--Scandinavians have no history and no right to exist. Well, I think SAS has no right to exist as a viable entity and I call on boycotting this pathetic company. European so called "left" either dies or immediate new Iron Curtain is needed along Russia's Western border to stop this political syphilis, a much more dangerous sickness than coronavirus, from spreading. Behold suicide of the nation(s). I can only state that I will never fly SAS (we, actually, had those plans), at least in Lufthansa they served Dewars and you can joke with flight attendants of both genders. 

But I want to make one prediction, before closing this post--IF, IF there will be a real resistance, a real counter-force per Newton's 3rd Law, and IF this counter-force originates beyond the framework of a regular political process (such as emergence of conservative and nationalist parties), IF there will be a spontaneous combustion, we may see a bloodshed in Europe which will, inevitably, bring about the rule of the most radical neo-Nazi forces to power and that may change the geopolitical outlook dramatically. I know the hatred inside Europe is building up and I cannot blame those Europeans who in the future may simply decide to stand their ground with weapons. Such as this old French couple in Calais which stated that they will die with their 1943 Mosin gun from Stalingrad but will not run (in Russian). This is Daria Aslamova (who wrote this report) with this gun in Calais at her friends' house. 
Sometimes you just have to fight.

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