Thursday, February 20, 2020

Larison Is Furious, I Am Not.

Daniel Larison, correctly, emphasizes Trump new Director's of National Intelligence lack of any qualifications. 
Grenell made a "name" for himself as US Ambassador to Germany--a position he also is utterly unqualified for, which is expected from someone with "degree" in government and "experience" in media sphere.  I absolutely do not understand Larison's argument:

1. Who said that personal loyalty IS NOT a decisive factor in promotions for high government posts in D.C.? Since when it is not so? I believe it is a long and proud tradition to form Administrations based primarily on loyalty, not professional qualities. Should I remind all the "professional" level of appointees in the Obama's Admin? Especially so, as represented by people utterly unqualified for diplomatic or intelligence positions? Come on, economist Susan Rice as National Security Advisor? What could possibly go wrong with that, not to mention two sanctimonious a-holes and seditious coupsters such as Brennan or Clapper. Not to mention an exemplary US "diplomat" such as Vicki Nuland. Hey, what were Paul Wolfowitz' qualifications for "serving" at Pentagon? In the end, Hillary Clinton was as good a Secretary of the State as I am an impersonator of Kathy Perry (Hint: I suck at impersonating Kathy Perry, I think, I never tried).  

2. This point derives from the point above: read my syllables--the United States blew, in the last 30 years, EVERY single geopolitical, economic, military, diplomatic and ideological advantage it seemed to enjoy in the wake of the Soviet collapse. THIS IS this overwhelming empirical evidence of utter incompetence and corruption of the American elites in which appointment of some gay dude with zero qualifications for anything other than "public affairs" is but another logical continuation of the practices which not only destabilized the world but are fast turning the United States into the Third World country. Not quite there yet, but give it some time. 

As I note:
So, using my favorite Russian classic fable author Ivan Andreevich Krylov, his fable Quartet describes situation extremely well. 
A Rascal-Monkey
             Billy Goat
      And klunky Bear
      Set out to play a string Quartet.
 They found some scores, viola, bass, two violins
     And sat down in a lea beneath a linden tree
     To charm the world with art.
 They struck their strings, and sawed with all their heart.
 No luck. "Arrete, my fellows, stop!" shouts Monkey, 
 How can the music play when you're not sitting straight?
 You, Bearie, opposite viola move your bass,
       As primo, I'll sit opposite secundo's face
       And then some music will take place.
       We'll make the hills and forests dance!"
       They took their seats and started the Quartet,
       And once again it came to nyet.
       "Hold on! I know the secret!"
       Shouts Donkey, "It is bound to come out fine
              If everyone sits in a line."
 They followed Donkey's plan and settled in a row;
    But even so, the music would not go. 
 More fiercely than before they argued then
        Who should be sitting where.
A nightingale, in passing, chanced the noise to hear. 
At once, they turned to her to solve their problem.
The pleaded, "Please, spare us some time
To make of our quartet a paradigm:
We have our instruments and scores,
                    Just tell us how to sit!"
 "For making music, you must have the knack
        And ears more musical than yours,"
        The nightingale comes back,
        "And you, my friends, no matter your positions, 
        Will never be musicians!"
Nothing more to say here. 

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