Monday, February 24, 2020


Just for you to know, I opened not exactly the mirror but same vector blog in Russian as Russmoothiex12. You can find it here. It is, of course, Reminiscence of the Future (in Russian). Same topics, same ol', same ol' with a slightly bigger emphasis on Russia's affairs, e.g. I long ago wanted to express my opinion on Russia's liberda in my own, very specific way, including, possibly, quantification of their imbecility and depravity--now I will be able to do so. I don't think that for the majority of my international non-Russian speaking audience those issues will be of any significant interests but, as always, you, guys, are all welcome to partake in my Russian writing using Google Translate and I think that Disqus engine is now working there too. Without going there first, guess what my first post there is about;))     

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