Monday, December 16, 2019

Wait A Minute!

Why distance oneself from Russiagate? No, this is not how it works. 
The Slippery James Comey Gets Nailed. Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton gave us “it depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” James Comey has now given us it depends what the meaning of “vindicated” is. The former FBI director sat down with Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday over the weekend, and it didn’t go well. Wallace repeatedly pressed Comey on critical findings in the Horowitz IG report, and Comey shimmied and dodged, in a master class in slipperiness and evasion. 
Honestly, what a tool.  Get this:
Off the bat, Wallace juxtaposed Comey’s claim that the IG report was a vindication with Michael Horowitz’s congressional testimony that no one who had anything to do with the FBI’s handling of the investigation should feel vindicated. Hence, Comey’s posture, “Well, maybe it turns upon how we understand the word.” He relied repeatedly on such mincing distinctions. Questioned how he can square his past statement that the Steele dossier was “part of a broader mosaic of facts” supporting the Carter Page FISA application with Horowitz’s finding that it was “central and essential” in deciding to seek the FISA order, Comey said there was no contradiction. This is absurd. It’s true that the application literally had other things in it. But Comey’s “mosaic” characterization clearly minimized the role of the dossier, whereas the Horowitz report finds that the FISA application “relied entirely” on information from the Steele reports regarding Carter Page’s alleged coordination with the Russians. The report also notes that Justice Department officials “accepted the FBI’s decision to move forward with the application, based substantially on the Steele information.” As for the Steele dossier itself, Comey rejected Wallace’s statement that the FBI had concluded early in 2017 that it was “bunk.” According to Comey, “they didn’t conclude the reporting from Steele was bunk; they concluded there were significant questions about the reliability of some of the sub-source reporting.”
But the main issue here, of course, is the fact that, apart from his enormously damaging for putschists report, Horowitz testified to the cameras and it didn't go well for Dems, to put it mildly.
The Horowitz report also staggered the monster lurching across America, though it took a few days to absorb the blow of countless incriminating details in the fine print. UkraineGate maestro Adam Schiff went on TV Sunday to declare that he had been “unaware” of abuses in the FISA warrant process. Gee, ya think? We are left to wonder who exactly pulled the wool over his goggle-eyes. In fact, his self-unawareness extends to virtually every utterance flying out of his pie-hole since 2016. The IG report left the FBI and DOJ in such a shambles of criminal odor that it dispelled all the narrative curses conjured by sorcerers in the news media for three years running. And as everyone in the country knows now, the IG report is hardly the end of the story. Mr. Horowitz labored under — as they say — an extremely narrow purview that will not constrain the legal audit to come.
My issue here is that throughout all this slow murdering of a due process in the United States not a single low life from US media resigned in shame for promoting not only entirely false narrative but in admitting the responsibility for undermining whatever is left of the Republic and, most importantly, through sabotaging the office of POTUS, destroying Russian-American relations and unleashing a Cold War 2.0. The damage is already done and it is massive. Until criminal clans of Obama and Clinton are not purged from US body politics, until the Democratic Party is not purged of psychotic "progressives", but in the end, until the United States finds new elites, I don't see how badly damaged, leaking and listing ship of the American statehood can be righted up. I don't see it, period. Neither neo-liberal nor so called "progressive" models are valid--both of them, while sticking different labels on themselves and against each-other, are dead ends of civilization because they go against human nature and the fact that the world is on fire today is just one of many proofs of the systemic crisis and, eventually, a complete implosion down the road of the system which was imposed on the world in the wake of WW II. Current Western "elites" have zero chance of producing people of vision, honor, integrity and courage who can save Western Civilization. 

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