Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Real Economies.

A superb demonstrator, and a "predictor" of the size of REAL economy globally through real tangible indicator--electricity generation. It gives a good framework and order of magnitude of what each nation is capable of and it explains why Russia is realistically 5th or 4th economy globally. 

Here is another video of an enormous significance, from yesterday: 
Here you can see the assembly of first MS-21 which starts test-flying with PD-14 engine in the nearest future. Well, that, plus Russia finishing final tests of GTD-110M, which is first fully Russian gas-turbine of very large (between 110 to 500 MWT) power (in Russian). That means one thing: bye-bye, Siemens (and GE as a very remote second). The serial production of GTD-110M starts in 2020. Meanwhile this shows that modern Russia, especially when one accounts for energy-saving technologies, in terms of electricity production begins to surpass that of the...Soviet Union.
But that brings me to the point of getting into a very "dangerous" field of the actual standard of living. Sergei Brekotin of Aftershock News went there (in Russian) yesterday:
But I have my own, down to earth, observations which I will share on the account of actual living standard in Russia and in the West, especially the United States. I'll give you a hint: Russia's ownership of personal automobiles grew tremendously, plus enormous number of Russians OWN some real estate which doesn't need to be mortgaged and paid off. And, you can easily buy antibiotics over counter which spares you visit to a doctor, which, most of the time, is free anyway. I'll elaborate on that later.    

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