Monday, October 31, 2016

Even NYT Admits This Now.

So, now the ugly "secret" is outed in the open officially, by one of the most vocal enables of Syrian terrorists, The New York Times:

Observers reported heavy gunfire, mortar fire, car bombs and other explosions. Black smoke from burning tires rose above the city, evidently in an attempt to obscure the view of pilots flying Russian warplanes overhead. The new offensive was a strong sign that rebel groups vetted by the United States were continuing their tactical alliances with groups linked to Al Qaeda, rather than distancing themselves as Russia has demanded and the Americans have urged.

Russia has reserved the right to attack anyone working with the Qaeda-linked groups, saying there is little distinction between them. The rebels argue that they cannot afford to shun any potential allies while they are under fire, including well-armed and motivated jihadists, without more robust aid from their international backers.

The question I have at this point is this: who was responsible for this "vetting" of those groups in the US? CIA? OK, we all know what CIA does, I am sure they will, at some point, institute a professional CIA "love my Jihad" holiday, since CIA's pathological attraction to jihadists seems to be incurable. But, in the end, people, how about 9/11? Anyone still have any recollections about poor innocent people being incinerated in Twin Towers, anyone even remembers those killed in hijacked planes? Those, like me, who remember this atrocity inevitably have to ask this question, the only one which really matters in the end for those who still hold something sacred in their lives: where is morality in all that? I don't buy for a second this NYT narrative: see underlined bold in blue above. What Americans? The ones whom I know, and who are my friends and colleagues--they wouldn't even think for a second and would shoot first and ask questions later, if at all, once they would have recognized those groups as jihadist, let alone those groups having even a slightest chance of aligning with Al Qaeda or ISIS. These Americans, who are a majority, no doubt are decent and honorable people who wouldn't play games with Islamic terrorists. But if NYT suddenly, after leading a chorus of condemnation by "Western" presstitudes of Russia, who methodically was obliterating these so called "moderate rebels", changes tune and attaches "Americans" in this "narrative" to Russians, something did really happen. The question is: what? Let me speculate.

1. Even half-a-year ago it was absolutely clear that there are no "moderate rebels" (well, except those three or five ones on which Pentagon spent half-a-billion dollars) in Syria. Unicorns? Yes! "Moderate rebels"? No! So what "Americans" NYT is talking about? Here is a quote: 

Mr. Kerry has continued to reach out to Syrian rebel groups. A State Department spokesman, John Kirby, reiterated on Thursday the United States’ longstanding criticisms of Russia, saying that Moscow was pursuing a self-defeating strategy.
“If that’s their intention, to reduce Aleppo to rubble,” he said, “then they will do nothing more than encourage the opposition to keep fighting, make a cessation of hostilities all the more elusive if not impossible, and bolster the rise of extremism in Aleppo as well as prolong a war that should not be.”

So, those "Americans" are Mr. Kerry and a bunch of other State Dept and CIA enablers of jihadists whose only purpose at this stage is not to lose whatever is left of their public "persona", however pathetic, and, who knows, maybe, just maybe, not to get indicted as war criminals and supporters of terrorism down the road. After all,  in light of the latest news about HRC and her despicable circle, with FBI Director finally, for whatever reason, deciding to do what was needed to be done from the get go--investigate, we have another reality unfolding. 
2. Donald Trump DOES have a straight shot at US presidency now and some rats are leaving HRC's ship already under the constitutional crisis pretext, which, actually does have some merit. This, together with FBI Director's change of the position on HRC's e-mails testifies to the fact that, despite counter-claims from HRC's campaign that there is nothing to see there, things are, most likely, very serious for Hillary. This does have a direct impact on neocon/neolib/interventionist cabal which infested State Department and, under Hillary's guidance (that is when she had time free from taking bribes for her and Bill's Foundation) committed a whole host of real war crimes--from Libya to Syria. And this, boys and girls, is no joke. 

3. If Donald gets elected POTUS, and the probability of such an outcome rose significantly since the end of the last week, he will have to consider his own slogans and, especially the main of those "Make America Great Again". Here is a conundrum: making America great again IS impossible without total revision of US foreign policy, which is one of the major, in fact--defining, factors which brought good ole' USA to the edge of total economic bankruptcy, military-political defeat and decline--a courtesy of neocon Bacchanalia which now is in full swing in US since 1999. But it is on HRC's watch and with the help of her "cadres" that this cabal started the Unites States on the slippery slope towards the conflict with Russia with all what follows from this terrifying scenario. Somebody really got scared in D.C. and now somebody has to pay for such state of the affairs if Donald comes to power. I think Trump is well aware of what is going on and I think he does contemplate the purge of neocons from their cesspools in very many high places in US government. Together with crooks from Wall Street, this neocon mob is clear and present danger to the real interests of the United States the way they are formulated, even if in part, by possible next US President Donald Trump. Neolibcon mafia knows it, hence hysteria in media, who also are directly responsible in inflaming "exceptionalist" propaganda, war-time jingoism, dehumanizing peoples around the globe, cheering on terrorists by creating around them fairy tales of "moderation". All meanwhile the nation was being driven into the ground by forces for which the United States and majority of the Americans were and are nothing more than a kindle for the global inferno of "democratization". Trotskyism is alive and well in USA but it must be destroyed. Donald's victory in 2016 elections may not be the end of this scourge but it will be a good, solid first step in making American great again among the community of world's leading nations. In the end, Al Capone went behind bars not for his most despicable crimes but for tax evasion and this was good enough. Many neocons are war criminals and their place is behind bars.

Until THAT, ideology and a creature, which articulated it, is not eliminated from the US politics nothing good will come for the US. Luckily, more and more people are beginning to wake up to this reality and that gives me some hope. And the vengeance better be "in this life", not the next.   

                                    VOTE TRUMP!!!      

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