Friday, October 21, 2016

Poland's Defense Minister Lives On The Moon.

No really, Poland Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz', since him taking this important position, claims about Russia and her military are really worthy of monitoring by psychiatrist. His latest claim is that Egypt sold notorious ferries of Mistral-class to Russia for 1 dollar. I already wrote about how useless these ugly ferry-boats are for the Russian Navy and was very glad (and not me alone) that their delivery to Russian Navy ultimately failed. Egypt's Navy has gotten those ships and they better stay there, granted that Russia will supply two helicopter (KA-52) wings for both. But each time when you think that this pathetic Mistral saga has finally came to a close... bang! Macierewicz suddenly pops up as the Jack from the box and delivers his startling "revelations".

After all, according to him, Russia, apart from paying the whole... drum dollar for Mistrals,

also created and supports Islamic terrorism. Well, what can I say--the guy is a Defense Minister of a NATO country which tries desperately to feel very important and is dying for attention from her master across the Atlantic. If NATO wants such Defense Ministers to continue occupy important positions in the Alliance, it should really start thinking about opening HQs on the Moon, since it is the only appropriate place for lunatics such as Macierewicz to express their views. On the other hand, most of Western political "elite" today is in a hardly better mental state than Poland's Defense Minister. It is, however, a very good raison d'etre for European Space Agency, they may, at some point in the future, indeed, develop a viable program for the settlements on the Moon. But something tells me that even the most insane European politicians still sing like the real Man On The Moon Andy Kaufman did, if you know what I mean;-)



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