Friday, October 21, 2016

Why? Oh, Why?

EU drops sanctions threat against Russia over Syria. Indeed, why? The answer is extremely simple, so, no use to read and listen to Euro-morons' justification of such a decision--in Syria Russia fights Islamic terrorism in all of its manifestations, from ISIS to Al Qaeda and its affiliate groups. Does any one want to impose sanctions on the only major power, which, together with Syrian Army, fights terrorism, thus exposing oneself as a supporter of terrorists? Even real supporters of terrorists such as France, who is culpable in creating a mayhem in the Middle East, and its pathetic President have enough brains not to do so. 

Reality of all those Western sanctions on Russia has been discussed in this blog on numerous occasions and it is safe to say that those sanctions really helped Russia to launch her re-industrialization program, granted that it still progresses not with the pace I, as one of Russia observers, would like to see. But still, it is ongoing. Truth is, Many European businesses hate anti-Russian sanctions and some are trying to find the way to bypass them, but, in general, these sanctions, together with widely spread anti-Russian (Russian "threat" et al) sentiment of Europeans is a reality on the ground in Europe and let Europeans deal with those. I see no tragedy, in fact, the opposite is true, in Russian manufacturers substituting European imports. Nor European public opinion matters as far as the historic geopolitical shift, which is occurring this very minute as I write it, goes. As I said, current "Europe" as a Europe is done. The facade is still there (in some places) but behind it--no life and no European culture is left. I thought it would have been very appropriate for Europe to slap another round of sanctions on Russia because of Syria--that would have been very entertaining. As General Gromov and Dmitry Rogozin summarized it in their "Russian Advice On Afghanistan" NYT article 6 years ago:

"In fact, we were the first to defend Western civilization against the attacks of Muslim fanatics. No one thanked us. On the contrary, everyone was impeding our actions: The United States, NATO, Iran, Pakistan, even China."

Europe can enjoy now the fruits of her policies. As per US, as of now, as I said many times before, it is a separate story. But as Russian proverb goes: Nasilno Mil Ne Budesh' (You can not make someone to like you), Europe chose her destinies herself. 

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