Saturday, November 13, 2021

Listen To A Legend.

Sadly, he is not with us anymore. But here is late Captain Wayne Hughes whose contribution to fleets' tactics and operations is enormous and, not surprisingly, came out of an immense and glorious combat experience of the US Navy in WW II. Here he speaks about his Salvo Equations and how they came into being. 

Remarkably, speaking of a continuous fire and how Lanchester model fails for the navies he forgets to mention specifically (implicitly it is stated by him) the most important property of modern naval (and even land-attack) combat in the age of missiles--one has a chance to shoot enemy missile(s) down using his ship's (or object) air defense.  Because I am intent to continue my warfare writing in this blog using Salvo Model, my advice--just listen to a man who created it, and who brilliantly explains its nature in simple words in this one of the last interviews. You may need those truths he is talking about.

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