Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ah, The Power Of The Written Word.

As Melissa Rossi from Yahoo News notes: 

She, obviously, forgets after  "Russian tanks streaming down from the north", to note that:

Russian airplanes, poised to kill, picked up and carried by mighty air-streams from Russian inhospitable steppes, flying like a thunder-birds from the east, covering the ground beneath their vulturous wings with threatening shadows foretelling the impending doom. The grass on the tired and foreboding ground and the leafs on the trees shudder in anticipation of an abrupt end to their innocent, anthropological global warming fighting, existence under the tracks of a grim merciless, environment polluting, Russian armor streaming from the north. Children of the surrounding villages run to their same sex families trying to scream in horror, nay--cry in desperation sensing the end of their hormonal therapy and the end of their dream to become a fluid gender happy warrior for a universal right to be all they can be. The war is coming. 

You see, this is how Western journos should write their reports. Come on--not enough drama, what kind of reporting is that? In the end, as this Melissa girl describes herself:

Author of "What Every American Should Know" series, gypsy with a laptop and travel writer. 

There you go, girl. Let your imagination fly. You can do better than streaming tanks from the north.

On a more serious note, nah.... I am screwing with you--this one is even more hilarious:

At this stage I have to ask a serious question--when was the last time Vice Admiral Karl Thomas looked at the calendar? I by no means imply that my peer (you know--the same age) begins to enter the Admiral Benson stage but somebody tell the guy that the only thing those carriers can do is to present Russia with a wonderful set of fat prestigious targets in case of someone completely off the hinges in D.C. decides to attack Russia (or China). Those carriers don't deter anything unless we are talking about some third world helpless nation.

I understand, the guy commanded carriers all his life, but somebody tell him--it is almost December of 2021 and Russia's Pacific Fleet continues to receive new ships. Three brand new ones--two subs and one corvette (finally properly called by TV the escort ship) pr. 20385 just arrived to Vladivostok to join the fleet.
While two latest SSKs Volkhov and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are, traditionally, carriers of 3M14 and 3M54, pr. 20385 Gremyashchiy is this terrifying new iteration of a series of Russian corvettes capable of carrying...and you have guessed it already 3M22 Zircon. As none other than Vladimir Putin himself announced today, speaking at the investment forum:

МОСКВА, 30 ноября. /ТАСС/. Новая гиперзвуковая ракета морского базирования поступит с начала следующего года в Вооруженные силы РФ. Об этом заявил президент России Владимир Путин, выступая на пленарном заседании инвестиционного форума "ВТБ капитала" "Россия зовет!"."Мы сейчас испытали, и успешно, и с начала года у нас будет на вооружении уже новая ракета морского базирования, гиперзвуковая - 9 махов. Подлетное время будет до тех, кто отдает приказы, тоже пять минут", - сказал Путин.

Translation: MOSCOW, November 30. / TASS /. The new sea-based hypersonic missile will be procured to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from the beginning of next year. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the plenary session of the investment forum "VTB Capital" "Russia is calling!" “We have now tested, and successfully, and from the beginning of the year we will be armed with a new sea-based missile, hypersonic - Mach 9. The flight time will also be five minutes before those who give orders,” Putin said.  

Vladimir Putin doesn't have naval background or background in weapon systems, unlike Vice Admiral Karl Thomas, he has people who do and the reason Russia's President announces the arrival of Zircon is simple--surface fleets and from the sea deterrence as we know it are over no matter how many and how large aircraft carriers one has. I will talk about actual firepower and how it grows exponentially with such weapons later, when continue with Salvo Model I wanted to record video today BUT, some SOBs starting from the early morning are cutting trees in our community next to me and even with the closed windows the sound of their saws is horrendous. Maybe tomorrow. 

P.S. In somewhat pleasant news: my books (first and third) will be published in Polish and German language by respective Polish and German publishing houses. The contracts have been signed. I am truly grateful to my Polish and German readers who also played a role in this by making many non-English language countries aware of my writing. 

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