Saturday, March 27, 2021

Yet Another Success of the American Diplomacy.

Ah, wait. There is no American diplomacy as it is known around the world, none exists. But Chinese, sure as hell, have one. Eurasian space is forming. 

A cooperation deal between Iran and China covering a quarter of a century has been signed in Tehran, furthering Iran’s role in the Chinese global infrastructure initiative. Both nations are being targeted by US sanctions. The landmark document was signed during a televised ceremony by visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif. The document was described by the Iranian side as “a complete roadmap with strategic political and economic clauses covering trade, economic and transportation cooperation.” The Chinese minister hailed Iran’s independence of foreign policy, according to Iranian media, saying that it “is not like some countries that change their position with one phone call.”
I can only imagine the wave of enthusiasm and approval descending on Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv...ah, wait. US magazine Foreign Policy (a well-established bullshitter on all things Russian, as an example) noted four months ago, in the piece titled China Won't Rescue Iran that:

Despite initial optimism, Chinese commercial interests met a lukewarm reception and the preferential treatment for which China hoped fell short of expectations. Shortly after the implementation of the nuclear deal, many foreign companies suddenly started exploring Iranian markets. With potentially a wide range of alternative products and services becoming available thanks to the relaxation of sanctions, Iran’s business community suddenly made increasing demands on Chinese businesses. Iranians have long had a clear preference for all things Western. They also tend to be prejudiced against Chinese products and services, even when they are comparable in quality and lower in price than Western equivalents. Even Iranian state media was known for subtly insinuating the inferiority of Chinese-made goods and promoting other cultural and political biases toward China.Chinese businessmen complained that, to their frustration, their Iranian partners often wanted a higher amount of Chinese investment but a lower proportion of Chinese products, services, and technologies in joint projects. Iran strongly prefers to partner with Western companies when possible, presumably due to a cultural reflex and a strategic consideration

On one of the rare occasions of sound assessment, this particular FP's point comes across as valid. Iran is extremely difficult country to deal with and she does gravitate towards EU as the Russians learned the hard way when sanctions were lifted, briefly, from Iran. The rest of the article, is a typical collection of tropes about US "dominated world" and other exceptionalist delusional BS which one would expect from Wang Xiyue, a Ph.D. candidate in history at Princeton University and an incoming Jeane Kirkpatrick fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. He was imprisoned in Iran from Aug. 7, 2016, to Dec. 7, 2019.  

But the larger picture is what matters here, even as Xiyue tries to portray it as a Iranian PR ploy, and that one is of a constant shaping of the events, some may even call it a history, resultant vector away from the United States towards Eurasia. As I mentioned recently, when one reads news feeds nowadays, the only thing one finds is this:

Yes, Russia, Russia, Russia. They just cannot let it go:

        Russia is in no hurry to see the Suez Canal re-opened

Yes, start your stopwatches, ladies and gentlemen, and wait for the moment when Western journos and ever-vigilant "intelligence community" will find Russian hand in Suez Canal disaster. Come on, it has to be Russia...somehow...there is no way that Russians are not involved in this whole Suez ordeal. Just think about it--it took all might of US media, intelligence community and democracy to fight for four years against Russia's Manchurian Candidate Donald Trump, who was so artsy in hiding his real KGB rank, that he became most anti-Russian POTUS in modern history, while current one is also Russia's asset, because Joe Biden was obviously turned in 1979 by Andrei Gromyko when Joe visited Moscow. 

Now, you can easily see why Joe was chosen by KGB (probably personally by Putin) as an asset--the level of embarrassment and discrediting of the United States on the international arena accomplished by Biden in just four months of his presidency is unbelievable. He, pun is intended, already trumped Trump, who himself was an embarrassment. It has to be Russian operation of influence. But then again, I don't understand why FBI is not checking the backgrounds of people in the New York Times, WaPo, Politico or MSNBC--they all come across as Russian assets, because the damage they deal to the United States by turning it into the media equivalent of a soiled senior citizen diaper paraded around the world can only be measured in megatons, or terabytes, or petaflops, or...whatever. Unless, unless...oh, my--the whole country is a Russian asset. It has to be, and now those puppeteers in Kremlin just play one faction of its spies against the other one because it Yes, yes, fun--that is a good explanation and I am sticking to this one. One never knows what to expect from those evil Russkies. 

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