Friday, March 26, 2021

How "Well, Duh" Looks Like.

It looks like this: 

And Western journos maybe got it it somewhat wrong, which is an improvement on them getting Russia absolutely wrong most of the time.  

Russia cheekily pushed the Northern Sea Route on Thursday as an "alternative" to Egypt's Suez Canal after a huge container ship blocked the busy shipping lane. President Vladimir Putin has long promoted the passage along the country's Siberian coast as a rival to the Suez Canal, and Russia seized on the Egyptian route's traffic jam to play it up again. The Japanese-owned, Panama-flagged MV Ever Given got stuck Tuesday during a sandstorm, blocking the waterway that connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and which handles more than 10 percent of global maritime trade. Russia's nuclear agency Rosatom on Thursday gave three tongue-in-cheek reasons "to consider Northern Sea Route as a viable alternative to the Suez Canal Route". The first reason, Rosatom said on its English-language Twitter account, was that the Arctic passage provides "way more space to draw peculiar pictures using your giant ships".

The reason I used the qualifier "somewhat" is simple since on Russian part it wasn't trolling, really. OK, it was but it was pointing out (reasonably I would add) the limitations and vulnerabilities of the canal which can be easily closed off by a simple technical mishap on a vessel of a decent size. 12% of world's trade literally was ground to a halt. Simplest navigational logic tells one that this cannot happen even in the ice of Northern Sea Route, never mind summer, relatively ice-free months, due to obvious massive space for maneuvering. 

But real Russian trolling looks like this: three nukes surfacing simultaneously today within the circle with a radius of 300 meters. Boomers no less, mind you, which also conducted torpedo launches under the ice.

That's trolling.

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