Monday, March 15, 2021

When I Say Delusion--I Mean It.

The American geopolitical "expertdom" continues to demonstrate a complete detachment from the reality. The verbal shitstorm from the Ashford and Burrows' article is not even 10 days old, while Washington Post publishes yet another "opinion piece" calling for splitting Russian-Chinese de facto Alliance: 

The author of this drivel is Henry Olsen, whose bio reads like that of a classic office plankton and American white board exceptionalist who, after graduating the law school should have concentrated on a more useful and beneficial for the society career in tax law or maybe helping people to fight DUI charges in local courts. But no, he gets into what passes in the US for geopolitical "academe" and begins to offer his utterly ignorant opinion on the subject matter which, realistically, nobody in institution he worked for have any clue about. Namely, what Russia wants. So, I have to repeat, yet again, the point which I make now for few years: the United States has virtually nothing it could offer Russia, least of all Ukraine, because Russia IS NOT interested in Ukraine. 

Unless Olsen sincerely believes, which makes it even more damning for all kinds of American geopolitical "thinkers", that Russia "wants" Ukraine, the only way his silly "offer" could be perceived is as a feeble attempt to "influence" Russia's fifth column to push this agenda, because no normal and educated Russian will take this delirious "exchange" proposition seriously. Modern United States is Russia's mortal enemy hell-bent on harming Russia in any way possible and modern Ukraine which is West's anti-Russian project is absolutely worthless for Russia. In fact, West has created this shithole of a country in the midst of Europe, let the West pay for clean up, obviously under the single condition that if West decides to do a stupid thing like actually militarizing Ukraine, Russia will take what she needs without asking any permission from the West. 

It has to be clearly understood also, that Russia and China are the two pillars of a unification  of a colossus of Eurasia in a single, well defended, economic space whose size dwarfs anything the United States is capable to offer to Russia even if the United States suddenly finds itself friendly to Russia and willing to sincerely develop mutual relations. The time for this has passed long ago, and as they say--timing is everything. The US is, generally, economic non-entity for Russia when compared to China, and is of interest to Russia only as a global security risk, whose departure should be negotiated and arranged in a peaceful manner. Mr. Olsen may find Russian-Chinese growing space partnership troubling, but, hey, the United States has Elon Musk, let him provide for Lunar station. I heard he is really competent (cough, cough). 

And then there is this time thingy, both Russians and Chinese think in terms of long historic trends. They think with historic time scales, the United States lacks this perspective due to its elites being grossly uncultured and badly educated, plus, as I am on record for years, there is this issue with cause and effect, which increasingly manifests in the US scholarship and politics. That is why Russia has nobody to talk to in the modern US. This piece by Olsen demonstrates my point perfectly. They really do think that they are that important and attractive as to ignore reality on the ground. But it always bites. It is a bitter admission for me, because at some point of time I did see a window of opportunity for combined West, including Russia, to become something else--it never materialized and there is nothing to discuss any more in this respect, no matter what kind of ridiculous fantasies and delusions modern US elites try to present as a viable strategy.

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