Monday, July 13, 2020

IQ Cult.

A superb piece on real intelligence at Saker's site by Naresh Jotwani. Speaking on High IQ People (HIQP) he notes:
The truth value of a narrative does not count. What counts is only the result: Which narrative ‘looked like it carried the day’? That explains the HIQP’s 24×7 yakety-yak. In such an environment, rational debate is not possible. Rational debate requires mutual understanding and acceptance of the premises and the process of logical thinking. There is of course an unwritten rule of wise people that the premises must accord with reality, with truth. For HIQPs, all that matters is whether a debater is articulate, persuasive, photogenic, assertive and well-networked. There is no need to introduce any pesky ‘truth’ in the debate. It is far easier to just continue being articulate, persuasive … et cetera. Keep playing. Truth is a can which can always be kicked further down the road. Tomorrow is another day. If rational debate is not possible, can diplomacy succeed? Of course not! After all, diplomacy also has its premises and its conventions of debate.
It is a superb piece and it explains succinctly why there are so many dumbfucks and incompetent hacks with very high IQs in the US ranging from utterly imbecilic US main stream media to "academe", to Congress and even the White House. Read highlighted in yellow. Enjoy. 

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