Monday, January 27, 2020


For survival. In Europe they decided that in order to ensure productivity they need to import people from places where they don't care about European culture and, in fact, view it as hostile (often correctly). Yet, they still come, then they steal, riot, rape, abuse government subsidies and do not even try to integrate--the outcome so obvious that any person with even a moderate intelligence can figure this out. This, however, remains beyond the grasp of European political "elite" which looks for those who will fill the gap in the labor market where native Europeans do not try to realize themselves anywhere but in Europe. Hence creeping Islamization and Afrikanization of Europe with non-reproductive native European folk being too busy with earthly pleasures European standard of living affords them still. Not for long, though. Russia looks on demography issue differently.
To procreate, the nation needs very strongly pronounced cultures of masculinity and femininity--a complete no-no in the Western world where the number of genders continues to grow, while masculinity is being purged. I will omit here Western feminism which is a globalist suicidal ideology on the service of either deranged celebrities or mostly unfvckable radicals who are incapable to create a family. Russia is different in this respect, radically different and majority of Russian women do what Russian men like--they try to attract men for creation of family. They try, with the exception of some from female urban office plankton who follows Western "trends" and, obvious cohort of representatives of the oldest profession both from the streets and from glossy vogue magazines and TV shows, to be primarily feminine. There is a huge difference between what generally is defined as female beauty and femininity--the latter is much harder to gain and to develop. It is also a pass of sorts for what normal men seek in their life--future mother of their kids and a true lover and partner for life. Femininity is a woman's contract with her own weakness with which she spellbinds her man. 

So, Russians are given an "order" (and means) to procreate--this means, in a long run, a return to conservative culture, for which there is a social demand, and eventual removal of most of a filth which still is present in Russian arts and entertainment. It will be back (already is) with extolling a love between man and woman, and a family. Native Russian (and Tatar, and Bashkir, and Mordvin, and Karel, and you name it) family. There is no other way and it is really heartwarming to see that there is this understanding at the very top of Russia's elite. 

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