Monday, January 20, 2020

Alex Jones Is Not Wrong On This One.

Yes, there was a rally in Richmond, VA in defense of the 2nd Amendment. I am with rallying guys, law abiding citizens have ALL rights for defense of personal safety and property. It is one of those purely American things which sets the United States apart and is attractive to very many people around the globe. 
Thousands of people entered the security perimeter around the state capitol, where Northam had banned guns in an executive order, fearing violence. But thousands of others rallied on nearby streets that didn’t fall under the emergency order, many of them carrying assault rifles and wearing tactical gear. Members of the Three Percenter and Oath Keepers militias marched in the streets with their weapons, while other rally-goers cheered one man carrying a large sniper rifle with an orange “Guns Save Lives” sticker affixed to its magazine... Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones cruised the streets of Richmond with a megaphone and an armored truck. Shouting from his vehicle, deemed his “battle tank,” the radio host reportedly declared: “We are here in Virginia at the capital in defiance of the globalist tyranny and their attempts to trigger a civil war.”
I agree with Alex on this one: while both US nominal "parties" are globalist, it is Democratic Party which pushes for openly globalist, anti-white, anti-male agenda. Their version of "gun control" is designed to defang any kind of resistance which remaining native (and by native I mean also traditional white Christian America) Americans may mount. Democratic party and their top political operatives are a party of a national treason. They know it, and that is why they are afraid of armed law abiding citizens. As much as GOP is a despicable cesspool of Neo-liberal and neocon creatures, the party, such as Democratic one, which contains internally influential people of a radical and nationally suicidal political views such as AOC or Ilhan Omar can not be viewed other than the Liquidation Commission for the United States. I have issues with such a party.    

Here is just a small part of rally "within" the security perimeter.

Ahh, "truthful" US media and hysterical Hollywood types (useless freeloaders pretending to be other people):
MSNBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez found himself in hot water when he tweeted a video of a large group of protesters saying the pledge of allegiance and captioned the video with: “Chants of ‘we will not comply’ from gun rights protesters in Richmond.” Since the audio in the video did not match what Gutierrez was saying, commentators like Ben Shapiro and Dana Loesch immediately descended on the man.
You think anyone will get fired? Nah, masculinity in the US is a forbidden trait.   
MSNBC reporter Ben Collins deleted a tweet where he called the rally a “white nationalist rally.”
Sure he did, there were plenty of hard-working, Second Amendment enthusiasts black folks. So, this thing also didn't work out for race hustlers in US media.  

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