Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Reasonably Satisfied.

Ah, hell with it, I am pretty satisfied with a new Russian Government of Mishustin (in Russian).  It is a good government. 

1. Remember Andrei Belousov? Now he is in government as First Deputy PM. Do I need to go deeper into importance of this man? Excellent.

2. As was expected, brilliant Yuri Borisov retained his post as Vice-Premier responsible for Military-Industrial Complex. Top, absolute top. 

3. Mishustin brought with him a number of his own people from his remarkably effective Federal Tax Service. Very good decision, excellent specialists in uncovering all kinds of fraud and squeezing fat cats into proper sharing of benefits or ending up behind bars. Good news.  

4. Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, retained his post. Those who followed Russia's industrial development will understand why. Very good news.

5. Siluanov, he is liberal but he is a very good financial specialist and I totally expected him back to this post.  

Ah, yes, Shoigu and Lavrov retained their posts. Anybody expected a different outcome? I did exercise for a second a possibility of Masha Zakharova being offered this job ahead of Ryabkov, purely out of stunning femininity and brains factor, but she is still young and she will need to get through Russia's Rep. at the United Nations before being offered this post. Hey, few more years of Lavrov's memes and trolling, who would decline that? It is a very good government, overwhelming majority of it are what can be defined as Gosudarstvenniki (Statehoodniks) and people with excellent pedigrees in their respective fields. It is a COMPETENT government. It is a government which is charged with unprecedented plan of Russia's development, not seen since Stalin's Industrialization, and hysterical screams and depressed whining (in Russian) from both "left" and "liberal" wings because they understand that if this plan succeeds, they will be permanently removed to the most remote fringes of Russia's political life, where they truly belong, only confirm the correctness of choice. Will this plan succeed? I guess we'll see, but preparation for these events started few years back, when it became obvious that integration with the West is not only not-possible but highly undesirable. Russia did reasonably well (nah, I am being facetious--she did incredible job) against the background of actual and economic warfare the combined West unleashed against her. Keeping this in mind, one can totally conceive that new objectives will be attained, because Russia can either exist as a superpower or not at all. The social demand for this change of country's course has formed in Russia long time ago, now it is being satisfied.  

BTW, useless Oreshkin got kicked out. Good riddance. He may serve yet as Putin's errand boy, he may do well at this position;))   

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