Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Putin's Address.

He spoke to Federal Assembly today and it was a dramatic address. My suggestion to you all, before more sober and lucid analysis of what just has happened in Russia (believe me it is absolutely wonderful) appears, to not read or listen to all kind of "analysis" from:

1. Western main stream media sources--none of them are knowledgeable and agenda-free ones, all of them are incompetents;

2. All kinds of Russian "communist", "opposition" and other allegedly "left" sources are currently in a deep shock and butt-hurt and Russia's nominal left, such as KPRF have very little that distinguishes them from Liberda. So, try to avoid their "analysis".

Mind you, it is merely a suggestion to a free people such as you and you are free to seek out any sources of information and expertise you want. I simply wanted to warn you about a shitstrom which already rages in media sphere after Putin and Siloviki launched the process which majority of Russians were waiting and begging for years now. The time has come and final step to the restoration of a complete sovereignty of Russia has been made. Constitution WILL BE changed. "Westernization" of Russia is over, so is globalization in its present form.  


UPDATE 1: Something about Mishustin, LOL. Netcentric Warfare, pardon me, Netcentric Tax Collection in action:

Do not forget to click Close Caption for English.


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