Friday, July 26, 2019

Meanwhile In The News.

I keep an eye on that constantly. 
Of course, keep in mind that narrative (by Reuters, no less) about "dispossession" is good ol' British liberal BS, but that is expected from the media of the country, which is an exhibit A of a catastrophe that multiculturalism (euphemism for emasculation and disenfranchising of native white population) brings. Yet, the problem persists in South Africa and the white genocide is in the air. 

Here is the video of how Boers are being welcomed in Russia (it is mostly in Russian) and given tours of mostly abandoned or barely alive villages, no, not in fertile Stavropol or Krasnodar Regions or paradise of Crimea, but in truly historic and geographic center of Russia--Ivanovo Region (my late father was from one of those villages--not shown in this video). The Administration of Ivanovo Region helped with presentation for this particular family, where all charming (all ginger) kids learned to speak Russian on their own. 

There is a lot of land in Russia which needs loving care, especially in such areas as Central Russia (Central Strip of Russia). Will Boers take this offer too? Will rich Boers help their less fortunate brothers and sisters move too? They are the most vulnerable ones. South Africa is going to descend into chaos one way or another (actually it is happening as I type this) and the danger to whites there will only grow. Latest news only confirm that. 

Back to the US. James Kunstler today pointed out what I also wrote about not for once, whenever commenting on current US "elites", including in relation to a disgusting spectacle of Russiagate, which culminated two days ago in Muller's performance which was painful to watch and listen. But here is Kunstler verbatim:
It resonates well with yesterday Tucker's rant. Is it all that bad, really, among these American "elites"? Yes, it is and it is terrifying. The incompetence level is simply off the scale, as well as a complete paralysis of the government. A bunch of high-school spoiled brats, like in this photo with doctored Seal of the President of the United States. Pathetic and yet another sign of immaturity and lack of any values and respect to the Office among those who contributed mightily to the downfall of the Republic. American "elites" are revolting. They are unfit to run the country.

Disgusting... all of them.  

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