Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Hell You Say!

Finally, even steadily degenerating Vzglyad gets it. In today's article about spying, by the West, inside Russia's "elites"--I assume that to be the case, everybody spies on everybody--the author comes to the conclusion: 
Translation: No less acute now is the problem of purely political espionage. Washington does not even try to hide the fact that practically all assessments and forecasts about Russia are 90% based on information from confidential sources. These university think-tanks use biased assessments by political immigrants and the representatives of the so called "internal immigration" (euphemism for Russia's liberasts, people with fair faces and so called "nationalists") , that is why those reports are often look so funny

No, they are not "funny" in the end, despite hilarious stupidity and ignorance of people who write those. Well, I am screaming about the danger of this BS about Russia in the West for years now. It has nothing to do with political espionage, but everything with a permanent Chalabi moment for US elites whose lack of education, culture and awareness of the outside world, especially of Russia is clear and present danger for the world for a reason that many those people in D.C. have no clue about what they are dealing with and may run, due to their ignorance, into a very sorry situation for everybody. Here is one such example--the guy is a certified ignoramus, yet, look at him:

            Russia is weak, contrary to popular belief

You may google "credentials" of this amateur easily and yes, degree in political "science", what else. This is the level of "expertise" of modern US "elites" and it is down right terrifying that modern Russia Studies field in the West is dominated with grievances and huge egos afflicted Russian (and Western) nobodies who convinced many in the US that Russia still resides in 1990s. While at it, my second book, which comes along fairly nicely, tries to finally deal with these "analysts" and other political "scientists" by providing a very real, tangible numerical tools for understanding the depth of ignorance and detachment from military and geopolitical reality by those self-proclaimed "experts". Either Washington begins to live in reality or it may end up really bad for everyone involved. Good that even such increasingly reminiscent of the sewer Vzglyad at least gets it.  

UPDATE: Lavrov is explicit about "quality" of American "elite". I know, I am writing about this for years now. 


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