Thursday, February 21, 2019

Some Interesting News.

As I state time after time, while China's economic successes are very impressive, economy which boomed initially primarily thanks to Western (a lot of it American) wealth and technology transfers in 1980s-2000s, can not exist without, however stupid the arrangement is, American market. In this sense China and US are a pair, no matter how one looks at it. And here is the freshest news:
The world’s two largest economies, the United States and China have reportedly started laying out a deal to put an end to their seven-month trade dispute.Sources told Reuters the broad outline of what could make up a deal is beginning to emerge from high level talks held on Thursday and Friday in Washington.Beijing and Washington are pushing for an agreement by March 1 which could mark the end of a 90-day truce that US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to when they met in Argentina late last year.... The process has become a real trade negotiation, one of them said. The other source cautioned that the talks could still end in failure, adding, however, the work on the MOUs was a significant step in getting China to sign up both to broad principles and to specific commitments on key issues.
In layman's lingo--China surrendered and Trump pressed China (by not always diplomatic means) into negotiations with agenda defined by the US, not China. I think Moscow takes note, in fact--I know so. So, for people who try to see in Russian-Chinese geopolitical arrangements more than there is in reality, they should understand why in this arrangement the United States still separates Russia and China as two centers of power--Washington thinks that it can coerce China and such thinking is not far fetched, in Russian case the United States deals with the nation whose history is one of unparalleled and, I may add, successful fight for survival and keeping the realm. China is the largest economy in the world, but in terms of main component of geopolitical power--military--China is a novice. This is the main factor which defines a set of attitudes of Washington to Eurasian arrangement, because China can not defend most of Eurasia, Russia can and does, both kinetically and in her potential. And, while at it, for people who idealize Russian-Chinese relations, they have to remember that even shrewd Deng was a massive Russophobe and China had no problems with supplying Afghan mujaheddin with weapons and materiel. Nothing personal, folks, just business. So, let's put it this way--it is complicated.      

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