Monday, February 18, 2019

Lavrov Being Lavrov.

I think that is the only way nowadays to communicate with the "West" and its sewer aka MSM, especially such rags as NYT, WaPo etc. 
In related news. 

Russian trolls, bots influencing discord in immunization debate, study finds

As the piece states:  

A study finds that the same Russian troll accounts that attempted to influence the U.S. election are also tweeting about vaccines. The study published by the American Public Health Association found that automated bot accounts, and trolls - who are human but have their own hidden agenda - are pushing false information about vaccines on social sites like Twitter.The researchers studied tweets from 2014-2018. The study revealed a significant amount of the debates online were generated by these fake accounts. David Broniatowski, a professor at George Washington University is one of the authors of the study. He says the bots and trolls are about 22 times more likely to tweet about vaccinations on both sides -- both pro and anti-vaccines. The researchers found the fake accounts originated in Russia with a goal of creating distrust and discord with the vaccination debate.

Here is the "scientist" who headed such a research. Mr. Broniatowsky. 

He has a Ph.D in something from MIT and evidently is working in the field, such as "decision making" which, evidently, is not very developed in the the US judging by the outcomes. But never mind, I am sure more and more academics will continue to develop all kinds of theories of how, say, Russian bots and trolls are also responsible for Mr. Broniatowsky having, symptomatically and coincidentally, a collection of mental disorders which today are a defining characteristic of what is left of American republic. 

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