Friday, November 23, 2018

Radiophotonics, Again.

I know I am being bad because I don't keep my word on getting to Radiophotonics topic but I have an excuse--I am really busy. This morning, however, some interesting news--it does exist, it is in the process of trials and addressing its inevitable issues (in Russian), and that means the end radio VLO as such in a very near future. Not that VLO is that much useful now in high end peer-to-peer warfare but ramifications of radiophotonics radar being deployed in the modern battle-field are immense and have strategic implications. This also explains Russia's rather calm and confident reaction in the last 20+ years to US radio VLO (Stealth) developments since modern signal processing and sensor fusion techniques allow for a very effective countering of "stealth" targets. 

In fact, at this stage any further investment into VLO technologies seems to be just a waste of time and money or, as Commanders Gattuso and Tanner wrote 17 years ago (in relation to CVN(X)), it is:
like polishing cannonballs so they will fly a little farther
Difficult to disagree. In fact, one of the reasons I am being that non-responsive re: this particular radiophotonics issue is because I decided to become a "Tom Clancy", just a teeny-weeny bit, otherwise I will need a serious detox, in trying to look into the future of the warfare and that is what parts of my new book are about. No doubt, new detection methods will play a crucial role in providing a reliable coverage against any kind of threats for those nations which will gain a decisive advantage in radiophotonics technology, among many others.     

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