Monday, November 19, 2018

Leningrad, 1942--LDNR 2018.

The similarity between Nazis and US advice to Ukrainian side on how to deal with Donbass is uncanny--it is genocidal. In an interview to, get this, strictly Ukrainian media outlet Obozrevatel, former Deputy Chief of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces Igor Romanenko disclosed what kind of advice American "diplomats" and military instructors give to Ukrainian regime:
Translation: Americans suggest to Ukraine to firmly close the border, not to allow anyone or anything in, shut off electricity and water. This way it will develop revolutionary situation fast and this is not acceptable for Russia... 

I think, State Department and Pentagon should also introduce courses on concentration camps, their maintenance, disposal of bodies, torture (oh, wait--that is already available) and, maybe, some electives on gas chambers and mass executions. You know, to accelerate the development of revolutionary situations around the world. I guess American advisers will be happy to elevate their skills to a new level of proficiency. They may even employ techniques used by Nazis on Leningrad, especially in terms of starvation. They also should not bypass experiences of children's concentration camps.

The United States is desperate for Russia's real physical interference in Ukraine because it is, in American view, the only way Europe could be firmly put under American control and will allow removal of Russia from European energy market. Romanenko's revelations are nothing new, their value, so to speak, is in the fact that such a high-ranking Ukrainian official openly admits that people who US sends to "advice" Ukraine are genocidal maniacs and war criminals. In this sense, this is a very valuable admission. Obviously, Ukraine and her Armed Forces are not capable to close the border between LDNR and Russia but such advice from the US shows that what I just wrote a book about and write about non-stop. I will state it again: 
 American so called "elites" are utterly ignorant on real warfare and what it brings. Their only experience with war is one of the books and TV reports. NO American ever fought in the war where he (she) would fight defending own land, wife, children, relatives who are under constant danger of factors constituting continental warfare--shelling, bombing, starvation, thirst, disease, rape, pillaging. Because of that, there are NO inhibiting forces which, otherwise, would allow moral and human assessment of war and, with it, second thought. Those few in America who get it--they are not in decision making circle. 
In the end, if that is not the crime against humanity, what is?

But that also explains now the hysteria of American ruling class regarding latest Russian weaponry--suddenly they feel threatened by purely conventional, and thus more controllable, escalation which may, indeed, make them vulnerable to all wonderful things of kinetic impacts on them, poor dears, and those who they value--for them it is a new paradigm, they got used to inflict the pain and horror, not to be on the receiving end. With it, all last pretenses of any morality, humanity and consciousness are thrown out of the window and reveal an ugly face of a crumbling Empire.   

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