Friday, July 27, 2018

Speak Of The Devil.

The moment I mentioned anti-shipping missiles, Caspian Flotilla and attached forces decided to do the SINKEX. That is sink something floating on the water. For the love of me I couldn't make it out what ship was it, but from the top it almost looked as decommissioned project 1234 MRK (NATO-Nanuchka-class). Profile wise, however, it looked as an auxiliary--two different events?  So, no matter--we will learn about it in due course but it was something in the vicinity of 600+ tons of displacement and two Kh-31A anti-shipping missiles were used. 

These are high supersonic (M=2.7-3.5) sea-skimmers with 94 kilogram (207 Lbs.) warhead and it didn't take long to sent a hapless victim to the bottom. These missiles are carried by pretty much any front line aircraft (from Sukhois to MiGs) and here is a simple math (and physics). Kinetic energy. Missile with the velocity of Mach=3 has more than 9 (square of velocity) times more energy than similar subsonic missile. A single missile will render anything up to a frigate class nonoperational, two will most likely sink it, and sink it fast. Is this exercise somehow connected to the leaked rumors of US attacking Iran soon? Who knows. 

UPDATE: I think I figured out the issue. In one of the shots you can see, most likely, one of the Caspian Flotilla's Pr. 21631 Tornado-class MRK, the other--is target itself. Even on the foggy picture it was possible to make out Duet double-barrel gun system. So, the target is some kind of auxiliary. 

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