Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Lavrov And Gerasimov "Inform" Merkel.

It is rather a peculiar development. No, not the fact of Lavrov meeting Frau Kanzlerin in Berlin as was agreed prior with Vladimir Putin. Nothing special about that. What is special and peculiar is that Frau Merkel also met with:

Valery Gerasimov is not the kind of guy who attends diplomatic meetings, him being present in Berlin together with Russia's foreign minister signals something very important in the making. Discussing Syria? Sure, seems natural but as Russia's news agencies report and I quote: "The issue of Ukraine was also discussed". I think, that this is it. 

Syria, no matter how important it is for the world today, would not have necessitated the Chief of General Staff to be in Berlin and meet the head of German State. After all, Berlin plays secondary role in Syria and, in fact, failed to participate in any meaningful military way there in supporting all kinds of terrorist groups, aka "rebels", "Free Syrians", unikorns etc. Ukraine, however, is a totally different issue. It was Frau Merkel and her cabal of sycophants both internal and external, who made Germany one of the main driving forces behind Ukrainian catastrophe which followed a violent coup inspired and financed by the combined West. So, Germany is one of the major culprits in creating a black hole in the midst of Europe and, accidentally, one of the main drivers behind hysterical Russophobia in Europe. We all know very well how "free" and "independent" German media are.         

So, is anything drastic expected to happen in Ukraine which is in a tail spin economically and mentally? Consider this:

1. Triumphant World Cup in Russia is over. 
2. Russia is surprisingly nonchalant about all those economic sanctions (hey, Deutschland, rings a bell?) by EU and here are two among a vast stream of facts which tell that Russia is getting ready to react "dramatically" to something (Ukrainian violence against Donbass).

Fact A: Russia is to completely localize (in Russian) manufacturing of high power gas turbines by 2019, moreover huge tax breaks will be given to companies using Russian-made equipment.  Recall who played huge role in this business in Russia prior to Ukrainian events? Right, Siemens.  Recall who is also a major player in this field in Russia? Right, General Electric. Hm. This is not manufacturing of lingerie, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking here about. 

Fact B: Russia raised, entirely legitimately, the pain threshold for Ukraine in and around Azov Sea. Now Ukraine will pay dearly for taking hostage the crew of Russian fishing vessel Nord. All, in violation of the mutually-agreed status of Azov Sea. This is not to mention, of course, some threats to blow up Kerch bridge which periodically heard from Ukraine. 

3. Ah, yes. Helsinki. Recall Putin's offer to hold referendum in Donbass, recall his very own warning to Ukraine not to do stupid things since it will be...well, the end of current Ukrainian statehood.   

Now, once one considers that Ukraine is an anti-Russia asset for globalist cabal in Washington and is, in fact, under the external control of Obama's operatives, against the facts that this whole Russiagate thing goes nowhere and fast, it is not only possible, but highly probable that people such as former VP Biden or HRC's State Department operatives (never discount McCain here), DNC and others will not be, in their desperation, against some conflagration in Ukraine. In fact, it becomes a very probable scenario--anything to sabotage Russian-American relations in general and Presidency of Donald Trump in particular.  It is a general scenario but this is precisely a scenario which would necessitate highly professional explanations from Chief of General Staff to some German state bureaucrat, however highest of them all, what she and her vassals in Europe must expect if their very own German Sons of Bitches in Ukraine will unleash a provocation which will provide enough Casus Belli for Russia's Southern Military District to start the final countdown for criminal Kiev regime and its pure Nazi accomplices. But these are just my thoughts. Boy, would I love to hear at least 5 minutes of Trump-Putin conversation tete-a-tete in Helsinki. In the same time, I can only imagine what kind of revulsion both Lavrov and Gerasimov felt towards this German leader who managed, after almost 70 years of Germany being denazified to help spawn a truly Nazi regime in Kiev.     

UPDATE: Lavrov and Gerasimov are already in Paris (in Russian) and met with Macron. In case of Paris visit, discussing Syria is natural, yet Ukraine was discussed there too. Hm. Syria, I can understand, Ukraine--well, one is left guessing now. 

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