Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So, Russians Are Also Humans.

Would you believe that? I didn't know that I am human until I stumbled upon Vzglyad's article on this issue this morning. I thought they exaggerated and I followed the whole thing to the source--namely Die Tageszeitung, and lo and behold, Andreas Ruttenauer of this newspaper after visiting World Cup in Russia did arrive to this controversial conclusion that:
Yes, yes, we Russians, are also people--not horses, not sheep, not fish, not even cockroaches--but humans, granted, genetically inferior in accordance to America's former top spy. Can you imagine that? What a relief. So, I am very pleased with the fact that Herr Ruttenauer--a fine product of contemporary German so called "culture" and its media--finally figured that out. I will go even further and will disclose to an incisive and wonderful representative of famed school of German journalism that Russians also drive cars, dress well and, generally, call things the way they see them and, unlike fine German intellectual class--Russians call rape a rape, sodomy a sodomy and they do not use political correctness. In fact, Russians, for some unknown reason, have no use for it at all. 

So, may I, as finally identified as a human, however genetically inferior untermensch, propose to Herr Ruttenauer that average Russian today is on the order of magnitude freer than any German and for all Russia's real problems--things like mass rapes with blaming victims for being raped are not possible in Russia. In Germany, however, it is rather normal occurrence and German media go out of their way to hide that thus promoting a culture of degeneracy and crime. After all, German men, with active participation of its media, were completely emasculated and Germany is being turned into multi-cultural cloaca, one can only expect to see anti-rape fashion growing there. It is impossible to imagine such a "progressive" trend in this backward Russia where women still remain women and do expect their men to defend them, until law enforcement arrives. Indeed, life expectancy for rapists in Russian prisons drops precipitously compared to other felons. For some reasons Russians are having old fashioned sexual relations between man and a woman, don't appreciate "sexual education" for children and resist European "culture" with all their means. Maybe this is why they are still human, right? As Margarita Simonyan suggested to this high moral ground German journalist--why wouldn't he try to replace word Russians in his article with Jews? I think Ruttenauer should try it and see what happens. 

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