Thursday, June 7, 2018

Russian Geopolitcs In A Nutshell.

As you (at least some of you) may have guessed it--I don't have time for reading and watching all news and reports of the day--it is physically impossible for one person. That is why so many people today are involved, apart from professional intelligence organizations, into all kinds of "analytical" activity which is done on the industrial scale. Obviously, most of such activity is not real analysis but pushing different economic and ideological agendas on unsuspecting public, this is not to mention that it is done by people who, for the most part, have neither serious background nor real qualifications to "analyze" anything, least of all serious geopolitical, military-political and military-technological issues. Yet, once in a while a straight talk from the very top allows to avoid all those tedious analytical discussions and elaborations and get to the bottom of the issue. Here is Vladimir Putin stating obvious to Chinese TV two days ago. 

By sovereignty Putin means exactly what this term stands for. From Merriam-Webster:

That, obviously, goes completely against everything globalist Washington's swamp stands for. But no "analysis" of any kind is needed here. This also makes Russia both an object of fanatical hatred of globalist "elites" who, for obvious reasons of not being very bright, decided that everything in life is measured in money. It is not and historical nations who survived calamities unknown to Wall Street shysters and their political servants, and did it for much longer than the United States existed, seem to be waking up. Nation-state was, is and will remain a decisive player of geopolitics and this cannot be changed. Russia's sovereignty, meanwhile, is an enormously attractive concept for very many, no matter how much (pseudo)statistical fraud many pollster organizations unload on public. The process, which the United States initiated  in 2014 cannot be stopped anymore. Slowed down a bit? Possible. But not stopped. 

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