Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Do You Know What This Is?



Or that:

These are all products of the company which today was kicked out of the Dow index because of the allegedly dismal "value" of its shares and some discomfort among its "activist" so called "investors". Yes, yes--"investors", otherwise known as fat cat speculators who contributed mightily to American deindustrialization and continuous decline of the American industrial capability, degeneration of its first world's labor force into second and, now, into the third world's, and helped to ship off American technological expertise overseas. 

THIS will substitute General Electric in the Dow Jones Industrial Average now. Get it guys? The flagman of the American (and global) REAL hi-tech industry will be substituted with pharmacy retailer which sells things manufactured by somebody else. The madness continues and, as you may have expected, upon this announcement General Electrics "value" dropped even further. "Investors" do not like "bad news". A surreal world we are all living in, here in America. A world of fake Wall Street economy. Who's next?

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