Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Get Those Lazy Politcal Asses To The Field.

This is what I wrote about not for once including using former US SecDef James Schlesinger's desire to get US Congress to the proving grounds to let them feel and hear even low yield nuclear explosion and then go back and try warmongering again. Russians are different in this particular aspect, especially since most Soviet men, who naturally occupy today positions of power across Russia, did serve in armed forces even if as enlisted, such as Vladislav Surkov, as an example. 

So, getting those lazy asses back to actual combat units and letting them recall their younger years, even if for a couple of days, plus refreshing basic field manuals and some review of tactical procedures is a good practice. Ahh, nothing like the early morning air of a military range filled with joyous explosions and the sound (and smell) of firearms. Keeps one in shape. 


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