Sunday, April 24, 2016

Deutschland Kaput.

Pretty much does not require any comments:

Majority of Germans Want Obama to Run for President Again 

But I still will make several points. Unless majority of Germans are up to secretly dealing an irreparable damage to the US (which I don't believe is the case) we are witnessing a complete imbecialization of the nation, which had so much potential once, long time ago. 

There is no doubt that George W. Bush was a horrendous President, prior to him, this wandering willy Clinton was not much better--he was just luckier. But if anyone embodies a complete degeneration of the American political class it is Barak Hussein Obama. Here are some pretty obvious and empirically proven Obama's features as a "statesman" which make (and always did) him utterly not fit to run not only the United States Of America but even have a seat on the city council in some God-forsaken locality somewhere in the mid-West. 

a) The guy is absolutely narcissistic, in fact, he seems to be a megalomaniac of the first order. Being first black US President and a recipient of, however preposterous and discredited, Nobel Peace Prize will do this to you if being humble and having your feet on the ground was not nurtured in you since childhood.

b) Being a lawyer, Obama understands (probably) legalistic side of process of governance but he has no a single feature which makes a statesman as opposed to politician. And a consummate politician he is being good only in one thing--creating and nurturing an image. 

c) He has a very vague idea about international relations, he is even worse "strategist" and policy generator, he doesn't understand economics but he is certainly very good in the issues of LGBT agenda, throwing his weight behind a bunch of hood black criminals (you know,  if Obama had a son...), promoting suicidal cultural policies and he loves diversity. The hell with those who really are creators of what used to be a massive American wealth--working class mostly white America. 

d) Obama does have a very strange relations with Islam, to say the least--all of them against the overwhelming empirical evidence of Islam not being exactly a friendly force towards what is considered a Christian cultural realm. In the end, anyone who calls Al Azhar University an ancient "center of learning" should really check their definition of "learning" in those ancient times. 

e) He is weak and his "team", especially in Foreign Policy is a living proof of that. In the end, it is Obama who started (most likely because of utter incompetence and petulance) Cold War 2.0.  

In general, Obama can not stand what Roger Scruton defines as Western Civilization, which, in essence, is a Christian one. Obama is hell-bent on destroying it, starting from the US--this is what stands in the way of his vision for America and the world. I lived through Obama's Presidency and I can testify to the fact that while US political class was going down the drain for a while, it is Obama who is most divisive, conniving and damaging US President in modern US history. 

Now, that is a suicidal "standard" Germans chose to live up to, if the numbers of the poll in Germany are correct. For anyone, who judges people not by their lofty rhetoric but by their actions and results they produce, seeing the results of this poll seems to be beyond comprehension. But don't be surprised. Germans have been brain-washed now for decades. German media are not free by even most lax definition of freedom of speech, any nation which has Green Party as a viable and, in fact, influential political force is not healthy by definition. Everything German was steadily purged from Germans by their NATO "partners" by means of promoting cultural policies of "tolerasty" and multiculturalism. We saw the results of that recently and that is just the start. Well, what can I say, the nation which admires Barak Obama and what he stands for, and 62% is a huge number, the sentence is already set in stone--Kaput. No lives left.

                                       GAME OVER


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