Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Apologies To The Whores (Update on G7).

Very often, when writing about Western political and media class, I use the term "whores". It just occurred to me how wrong I am. I mustn't have insulted real, hard working, whores with this comparison and for that I am profoundly sorry. A whore is, usually a woman (there are also men-whores), who sells herself for money and proud of it. No high moral ground, no pretense, no mentoring--one gets what one paid for. In some countries prostitutes even have their own trade unions. Some are cheap, others are very expensive, but they are what they are. Not so with Western political class--it loves to feel righteous. Well, this class, obviously, prostitutes itself on any available occasion but it does it with lofty rhetoric, under the cover of, very often, very expensive, despite being useless, media and political "scientific" degrees and, what is absolutely fascinating, despite many among this class being lowlifes, it really thinks of itself as highly moral and deserving. No doubt, unlike your average street prostitute, they have much better access to financial resources, much better hotels, cars and a much finer whiskey. This class' pimps are also very "high class", many of them even have private yachts and Lear jets. 

And it is this "high moral ground" audacity of this class' representatives which always strikes me silly. Consider this. Famously teary and sentimental Federica Mogherini stated recently that there will be no business as usual until Russia "starts to respect the international law". Well, as Maria Zaharova  of Russian Foreign Ministry stated today--there will no "business as usual" in principle, without any "until".  Russia had enough. I may, or may not, disagree with number of Russia's positions internationally but all this recent EU posturing regarding "political process" in Syria or the issue of the terrorism in Europe (that is why Steinmeier floated this silly idea of Russia returning to G7), is nothing more than....possibly, maybe, theoretically a beginning of the the process of dawning of the reality on EU's "elite" that they are powerless against Islamic terrorism. EU is facing a really tough times, now they want Russia to do "favors" for Europe and yet they want to remain on their "high moral ground" mentoring Russia on European "values" which are one of the most important factors in creating a geopolitical mayhem of biblical proportions stretching from Maghreb to Paris and Brussels. No, really, at least when hiring a prostitute one knows a range of "services" he gets. This is not the case with EU scumbags. 

1. EU as a real power is pathetic--it doesn't have what it takes to tackle Islamic terrorism in its own house, let alone at the source. The reasons for that are:
  a) EU's military power is a joke and there are NO prospects  for it  to be restored any time soon, if ever;
 b) Intelligence capabilities of EU are absolutely inadequate for tackling what is happening and what is coming;
2) EU population is brainwashed and utterly emasculated. The only thing this population cares about is preservation of its social benefits and of "human rights" in EU interpretation which are utterly anti-European post-modernist poison which destroys Europe as I write this.
3. There are only two nations which can tackle the issue, but one of them, apart from being exhausted militarily, is known to support "moderate" terrorists historically and there is very low probability of any positive outcome of this power's interference--it has a stellar record of creating an absolute bloody chaos precisely in the places where the interference is required.

That leaves only Russia which has what it takes, but here is this nagging question--WHY? Russia is doing (very successfully) her part in Syria and, in the end, should concentrate on securing her southern underbelly. As I already stated, even "lifting" of economic sanctions, which even uber-liberals like Dvorkovich admit are not that big of a deal, and, in fact, had some positive impact, should change nothing in Russia's emerging consensus on EU. Let EU face the dire consequences of its adventurism, sometimes US-initiated, sometimes, like in Libya,  of own making. Let EU deal with its terrorist threat on its own, let them also face their Muslim population. Why should Russia interfere? Why should Russia want to return to meaningless G8 Format? What are the "benefits" of tight cooperation with EU backstabbers--they betrayed not for once, they will betray again. Indeed, the times of "business as usual" are over. It is not Russia but EU which is in dire need of Russia's cooperation and Russia's services are damn expensive, since they are first class. No "lifting of sanctions" or hollow promises will do as a payment, especially when those services are asked for by someone who makes whores look like respected professionals.

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