Thursday, December 10, 2020

Matt Purple Begins To Suspect Something.

 Matt Purple of The American Conservative concludes that:

Our Elites Couldn’t ‘Reset’ a Wall Outlet, Let Alone the Global Economy

Ah, lovely. Some messages finally begin to trickle down and make Purple, using the example of the founder of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, question competence of Western elites. Purple delves into Klaus Schwab's background and ideas, such as proverbial 'Reset': 

Some explanation is in order. Back in 2014, an economist named Klaus Schwab emerged out of the hive of sentient buzzwords that is Davos to declare that it was time for an elite-engineered “Great Reset” of capitalism. There was just one problem: the little people who inhabit economies had been through quite enough disruption of late and weren’t especially keen on more. Schwab’s idea found little purchase outside of the global Gulfstream gentry. ...Just who is this Schwab? You will be relieved to learn that he’s a lifelong academic and founder of the World Economic Forum. And yet, you wonder, does he have any honorary doctorates? He does, in fact, no fewer than 17 of them. Yet it’s here that we damn him with robust praise. Back in parts of the world where bacon-wrapped scallops are not instantly available upon request, policy doesn’t trickle down from globe-girdling theorists; it comes from elected leaders and national civil servants. (What’s the one thing that might make Angela Merkel belly-laugh? Try telling her Jean-Claude Juncker used to run Europe.) And while politicians are occasionally tempted towards radical change, they’re also accountable to voters, whose lives they can’t afford to blow up by, say, holding down the economy’s power button for 10 seconds. Progress has to be more gradual and piecemeal than that. Disruption even amid a pandemic can garner serious pushback.

That explains it a bit why this "scholar", pardon my insult to real scholarship, makes mutually exclusive suggestions in his grand idea of 'Reset'. This IS expected from Western "elites" and Purple's references to Merkel or manifest alcoholic Jean-Claude Junker  hardly makes his case against contemporary Western elites stronger. I am not sure what is the reason behind Junker being drunk whenever dealing with the so called "global" and European economy--maybe the recognition of a deep shit this economy is in--but Merkel, far from laughing belly-laughing herself is a laughing stock of a stateswoman who must serve as an Exhibit A in any future school of government of how not to run the country. 

But I generally agree with Purple, Western "elites", including most of Washington D.C. do not know shit from shinola, which is not that surprising when overwhelming majority of them are the products of humanities programs, which, basically, teach nothing about modern world other than moribund cliches about travails of electoral politics and simulacra of governing. And here is the point--the only skills Western elites have are those of how to run perpetual election campaigns to retain their place at the trough of government spending. Moreover, the United States is not-governable in principle, because it is nothing more than a geographic playground for a political power clans who see themselves only within the framework of monetarist policies and Wall Street's, and military-industrial complex' fat tit of contributions. What governing? What steering the ship of state in the right direction? You are talking about a bunch of white-board "academics"  most of whose life experience was confined to comfortable offices of banks and law firms, with some breaks for lunch or dinners in upscale restaurants, and whose grasp of the geopolitical, economic, military and other relevant realities, or lack thereof, is conditioned by a bunch of "theories" which are nothing more than an excuse for the entrance into the clubs of Western "intellectuals", who, as Purple correctly wonders about Schwab:

I’m starting to wonder whether he could successfully back a car out of a garage.

He can't, neither can modern Western "elites" run anything complex in reality. What the fuck do you expect from some financier or "analyst" who saw CNC machining center on TV and thinks that war is just the matter of sitting at the monitor with joystick. Want to see a parade of morons--look no further than TV and main-stream media. One cretin after another selling you unreality and opinions on matters they cannot possibly have any opinions about. I write about stupidity of West's "elites" for years, decades really. It would have been comical if it wouldn't have been so dangerous because these people, as the irrefutable empirical evidence suggests, will continue to pretend, or believe sincerely, that they have what it takes to save what they themselves helped to run into the ground by their doctrine-mongering. Financial capitalism is not viable, as is not the whole concept of post-modernism and its ugly ejaculate of the white-board "academics"--post-industrialism. One cannot go against fundamental laws of physics and its underlying truism that development which matters for humanity IS energy. More energy--more real development, emphasis on real. Energy, all sorts of it, is material and it proved already that making money is not a substitute for a real technological development and new social reality which cannot be stopped, even by the invention of ANTIFA and BLM, and acts of political pedophilia Greta Thunberg embodies. Those are all acts of desperation by modern Western "elites", who are not ready to face history doing what she always does--continuing its unrelenting step. These "elites" have only two options--either get out of the way or be smashed by whatever method this history will chose, even after we were told that this history has ended.

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