Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Any Chance We Can Move Alissa Milano To Minneapolis?

No, not Minneapolis of Mary Tyler Moore. Come on, that was such a lovely town, no, I mean it: 

I am talking about this Minneapolis:

Minneapolis has suffered a surge in crime that has coincided with a severe shortage of police officers. Undeterred, City Council members want to make further cuts to law enforcement.Police have registered a 537-percent increase in violent carjackings in the city compared with last November, the local Star Tribune reported. More than 125 such crimes have been recorded over the past two months, with three separate carjackings reported within a one-hour period on Saturday morning. One of the victims, an elderly woman, was struck on the head by her assailants. “The numbers are staggering,” a Minneapolis police spokesperson told the paper. “It defies all civility and any shred of common human decency.” Authorities have blamed the crime wave on “small groups of marauding teens,” but acknowledged that adults have also been arrested in connection to the string of carjackings. The surge in this type of attack has prompted the city’s police force to create a new coding system to help keep track of the criminal acts. The spree of carjackings isn’t the only public safety crisis facing the city: An analysis by the Star Tribune in September found that violent crimes – including homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assaults – were up 17 percent from the previous five-year average for this period.More than 500 people have been shot in Minneapolis so far this year, the highest number of gunshot victims in more than a decade. The Minnesota metropolis has also seen 79 homicides since January, a figure approaching the record annual murder count of 97 in 1995, which earned the city the title of “Murderapolis” in the New York Times. 
As I stated on many occasions, I think any city which voted for "progressive" agenda, especially for "defund the police" shouldn't have any police presence at all, especially in districts and counties which voted Democrat, not that I like GOPers, they are also POS, but at least they sell you out not so blatantly and behind the scene. For example, Seattle doesn't need a Police. In fact, Seattle PD should be disbanded and good police officers should be afforded the move to other communities where they will be hired immediately and provided with the support of the communities which will gladly see Law Enforcement Officers moving into their locations. Meanwhile, Mayor of Seattle and Seattle City Council members should be issued protection by Social Workers. I am sure governor Inslee, being a swell dude who looked the death in the eye not for once (wink, wink), will also entrust his personal safety (and his family's) to the members of ANTIFA and BLM. Same goes for the shithole known as Portland, OR. 

In the same time, Californians, who turned Pacific Northwest into a shithole since 1990s, after turning their own state into the third world shithole, should be really looked at attentively--wherever these guys move the real estate market goes bananas and once nice places turn into dumpsters. There is something about these guys, I guess you can take a person out of California, you cannot take California out of this person. I guess the infection's source is Hollywood and campuses in California, and then it spreads up the coast, turning once nice places into, well... shitholes. But then again, you cannot reason with these people, especially if they were dumbed down and brainwashed into graduate degrees in social work or gender studies, so no use to even try. I guess, this is a new American reality and looking at Minneapolis, Seattle or Portland one can officially declare the death of the American city as such. After all, Chicago, let alone Detroit and even NYC have been rotting and poisoning environment around them with their putrid odor for a long time now. Real America with more or less sane people lives primarily, not exclusively, outside cities.

Dmitry Orlov wrote today a very good piece and one phrase in it attracted my attention because I and my editor are a half-way in editing my, now completed, book. Here is what Dmitry says: 
Collapse is bad enough when you and everyone around you can acknowledge it. But if everyone from the president (pick either one) to the lowliest convenience store clerk is incapable of accepting it as real and thinking through some of the immediate consequences, that makes it much, much worse. I refuse to accept any of the responsibility for this dreadful state of affairs; I've been doing all I can to warn people for a decade and a half now. It is now pointless for me to issue any more warnings. All I can do now is watch the inevitable unfold.   
I can only subscribe to every word here. Any chance we can move Alicia Milano to Minneapolis? I am sure many would even be willing to participate in crowdfunding this move. Where is Ted Baxter when you need one.

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