Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Kay Bailey Hutchison Has Issues.

She is not very bright and not for once was noted to speak on issues of which she has zero understanding, including suggestions to bomb Russia into oblivion. They really do grow (some of them) dumb in Texas. She is a raging Russophobe, American exceptionalist and she is the US ambassador to NATO. Her latest? Let's start WW III. 
This is a very good demonstration of my theorem that lawyers do not make good military thinkers or leaders. In this sense she is no better than other "strategist" Dr. Blank who really needs some basic course in navigation and naval geography, which may provide some basic understanding of what Black and Azov Seas really are in a larger scheme of things, including, apart from overwhelming missile salvo Russia can provide against any combination of surface targets, such teeny-weeny problem for NATO as these seas being part of Russia's Southern Military District which, accidentally, has those wicked MiG-31Ks armed with hyper-sonic Kinzhals on combat station precisely around Black and Azov seas. If Hutchison wants to start World War Three, she may as well start it with a major Kaboom, or...just hear me out...why doesn't she ask for a personal participation, preferably on board of NATO's flag ship, and be there in person when "ensuring safe passage" for Ukrainian vessels. I think her wish will gladly be granted by NATO's naval group sent to Kerch Strait to teach those arrogant Russkies. 

But we have been through this before--appointing ignorant and unprofessional people to important public positions is a fine tradition of American governance especially in XXI century, especially when talking about any diplomatic positions which are occupied by people with zero skills. Oh, come on, look at Michael McFaul, an alleged Russian "scholar" or at a general "level" of US Department of State. But Hutchison is just a symptom of a serious illness which afflicted American politics which can not produce anymore anyone other than aggressive ignoramuses who may, at some point of time, help to unleash hell. The only upside of that will be that together with us, deplorables, those jerks will vanish too. In fact, they might be first to do so.

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